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Bright Friday Sale Starts Bright and Early Tomorrow

November 14, 2013

by BrightEyes



You’ve heard of Black Friday – you know, that late-November day when everyone buys everything. But have you heard of Bright Friday? Probably not – because we just invented it! Starting tomorrow, November 15th, we’re kicking off our Bright Friday sale, and it promises a vast selection of light and brightly colored virtual goods throughout the entire weekend.

We’ll be launching into Bright Friday early tomorrow morning with a brand-new limited item. We have a lot more than that in the works, of course: at least 10 new items, eight user-created retextures of existing items, a smattering of limiteds, and discounts on a bunch of items that just happen to be in the “bright” theme. You can see some of the items that’ll be involved in the sale – a neon shaggy and a blindingly bright version of Mr. Tentacles, to name a couple – by looking closely at the above image. (Click on it to expand it.) Aside from that, you’ll have to keep your eyes on the catalog to see what drops when.

Hopefully this sale brings some brightness to your weekend — and your ROBLOX character. Of course, we’ll be following it up with our usual Black Friday sale in just a couple weeks, so stay tuned for more great goods!