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Sounds Bringing ROBLOX Games to Life

October 9, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


ROBLOXAudioThe sounds feature has been out for two weeks today, and already many of our intrepid game developers have started experimenting with the feature–in some cases, they are actually building entire games around custom sounds (though we’ll touch on these particular games when they’ve had a bit more time in development)! We dug through the Games list to find some of the best uses of ROBLOX sounds yet.


The Stalker by Clonetrooper1019

Already a ROBLOX favorite (and winner of the user’s choice award for Most Creative Game, we might add), The Stalker is a new experience altogether with the addition of sounds. In addition to some really nifty tunes (e.g., a techno track when the new map is being selected, an ominous little riff during gameplay), you can actually hear the Stalker as well, whether he’s whispering “behind you” in a slithering voice, or growling ferociously. There’s also a short, throwback “victory” tune when the Combines succeed in taking down the stalker.

Ban Land is a demented place.

Banland is a demented place, with some demented audio.

Banland by MZH3000

If Banland is where you go when you’re banned, I can see why people try to avoid getting banned at all costs. Banland is a freaky map, made all the scarier by the use of some stellar sounds that create a dark and foreboding tone and atmosphere. As you progress throughout the map, you hear something bellowing somewhere off in the dark. The sounds add to the already creepy and demented visuals. The teleportation pads feature a sound that you’d hear in a 70s kids cartoon, which we thought was a nice touch.



Sanatorium by Dapale

Beware, this game is actually frightening, thanks in large part to the awesome sounds that have been added. In this game, you find yourself wandering the walls of what looks like an abandoned asylum–your goal is to find different pieces of candy, before whatever is out there finds you first. A very ominous tune plays as you investigate the place, and sharp tones cut in abruptly when, uhm, he (or it, I don’t know) gets near you. The combination of dynamic lighting and sounds is allowing builders to create games that not only look scary, but sound scary as well.


Flood Escape by Crazyblox

Builder Crazyblox has turned Flood Escape into a fountain (heyo) of different sounds–big and small. He’s added a grunt to the default jump–though it’s not gender specific, so it seems kind of odd when female ROBLOXians jump. He’s also added catchy elevator music to the lobby as you wait to join a new obstacle course, as well as a fast-paced techno jam to nod your head to as you browse through the in-game store. It seems that Crazyblox is in the process of finding new and creative ways to add sound to Flood Escape, so we’ll be keeping an eye (or ear) on this title.


What’s worse, a nuclear explosion, or an airplane careening at you at several hundreds of miles per hour? How about both?

Nuclear Simulation by crazyman32

This is by far the most creative use of sounds on ROBLOX so far. Because crazyman32 has had a long history with our blog, we couldn’t help but ask him to make another Developer’s Journal entry about how he managed to create his awesome simulation. From dubstep to voice overs to jet engines, this place is truly an experience for the eyes and ears. Make sure and check out his blog post (linked above) to gain some insight on how he was able to create such an enthralling experience.



SCP Containment Breach by SCPBP

Another entry in the horror genre, SCP uses sound to terrify. Even just the empty and hollow desolate sounds of your footsteps are enough to make your skin crawl as you make your way through the abandoned, dimly-lit facility. Something is in there with you, and every time it takes out another user you hear them scream off in the distance. As you continue your journey you inevitably run into, well, that terrifying thing pictured above, who usually stands with his back to you, daring you to run past. I was alive for only a few seconds after I was able to snap that picture.


Chat Voice – Trolling Place by loleris

If you follow the blog, you may know a thing or two about loleris–he participated in our most recent Crossfire article with TheGamer101. His studio has created a model called Chat Voice, and it’s rapidly gaining popularity on ROBLOX. Essentially it’s a long list of sounds that you can play using quick keyboard commands. The Trolling Place above is simply an environment where you can test the model, or you can grab one for free and drop it in your place now. If you’re a more advanced user, you can sort through the code and see how loleris managed to create Chat Voice, which has only been out for 11 days and has been taken over 5,000 times!

That’s what we were able to find, but we’re eager to know: what did we miss? Have you experienced any games that feature great uses of sounds?