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New Material Textures Are Now Live

October 28, 2013

by zeuxcg


Temple of the Sea (Marble)ROBLOX’s streak of fantastic rendering updates goes yet another step further today with the release of updated material textures and a starter-pack of brand new options. The updated and new textures increment the visual quality of all games on all the platforms (desktop and mobile) we support, while simultaneously giving you more flexibility to build perfectly engrossing worlds and levels.

We’ve been carefully listening to your feedback as we’ve changed the look of ROBLOX over the last six months. For instance, we prioritized the development of dynamic shadows in our lighting engine and gave you full control over the appearance of outlines. While we’re not giving you the option to toggle new materials on and off, we’d like to hear your constructive criticism, success stories and requests for additional materials. If we notice many people sharing an opinion, we may tweak or add the material in question. The best way for you to make your case is to upload and share screenshots — whether the materials make something you’ve built look exceptional or flawed.

In this article, we’ll introduce all the new material textures and show how they look in a variety of existing games and builds. Click any of the images below to view at full size.

The materials

Brick (new)

Brick Closeup Brick w/ Character


Concrete Closeup Concrete w/ Character

Corroded Metal

Corroded Metal Closeup Corroded Metal w/ Character

Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate Closeup Diamond Plate w/ Character

Fabric (new)

Fabric Closeup Fabric w/ Character


Foil Closeup Foil w/ Character

Granite (new)

Granite Closeup Granite w/ Character


Grass Closeup Grass w/ Character


Ice Closeup Ice w/ Character

Marble (new)

Marble Closeup Marble w/ Character

Pebble (new)

Pebble Closeup Pebble w/ Character


Plastic Closeup Plastic w/ Character

Sand (new)

Sand Closeup Sand w/ Character


Slate Closeup Slate w/ Character


Wood Closeup Wood w/ Character


Studs Closeup Studs w/ Character

Existing builds with new materials enabled

Apocalypse Rising

Apocalypse Rising is primarily plastic and grass.


Crossroads features lots of plastic and studs.

Stratosphere Settlement

In this area of Stratosphere Settlement, you see grass, wood and corroded metal.

Temple of the Sea (Marble)

This version of Temple of the Sea features the new marble.

The Wind (Interior)

An interior shot from The Wind, with plenty of wood.

The Wind (Ice)

The Wind also has nice use of ice.

Again, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about the new materials! And, remember: sharing screenshots of what you see is a good way to let us know what you’re experiencing.