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Lower Floor Prices for Clothing

October 3, 2013

by chiefjustus


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Dear ROBLOX Community,

Last week we implemented new floor prices for shirts, pants, and t-shirts. Our thanks to everyone who took the time to express an opinion about the update. We have listened to all your feedback, and we hear you.

Today we are lowering the floor prices to a level that drives catalog quality, balances creator financial reward with volume sales, and allows most members of our community to participate in the economy.

Your input and our analysis show a desire for creators to be able to set their own prices – some of you just want your clothing to be worn and are not as concerned about profit. We also see the need for groups to be able to offer affordable uniforms or clothing as a way of celebrating their identities.

At the same time, it’s clear that proper price levels are crucial for rewarding creators and establishing quality in the market. A large number of clothing creators saw greater income in the past week (since floor prices were established) than ever before. Still, prices must be within practical reach for buyers.

The new floor prices are 10 ROBUX/100 tickets for shirts and pants, and 2 ROBUX/20 tickets for t-shirts.

If you are a clothing creator and want to price your creations at the new levels, you have to set your new prices manually; this update does not automatically reset prices downward.

Some players may still consider these levels too high. After analyzing the data from the past week, we believe that the new prices strike the right balance between quality and affordability. Non-Builders Club users will be able to purchase at least a t-shirt after only a couple of days of logging in; shirts and pants will take 10 days.

As always, though, the best way to afford items in the catalog is to develop great games – game developers are not only rewarded with virtual currency, but now can earn real-world money as well through our Developer Exchange.

Thank you again for your opinions, your passion, and your dedication to ROBLOX. We really appreciate it.