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A Look Back at a Summer Full of BLOXcons

October 4, 2013

by David Baszucki

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DaveBLOXconI distinctly remember the morning of our first BLOXcon at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. I was making some last-minute preparations, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I peered outside to see a line of people stretching hundreds of feet from the museum’s entrance. I had been so busy running back and forth throughout the massive venue, that I hadn’t yet realized: You were here. And you were smiling.

Here we were, at the beginning of a massive journey that would eventually take us around the world. Yet, somehow, it seemed in that moment that our world had come to us. That morning in Chicago meant a lot to me–and painted a clear picture that we were doing the right thing. That feeling carried myself and the ROBLOX staff throughout the globe. It was infectious and it didn’t wear off.


Each BLOXcon was a blur. I had a lot to do. We all did. But our goal always remained the same: we were there to listen to our users. I learned a lot about what’s important to you, whether you’re a ROBLOX gamer, builder or developer. I was humbled by the smarts and curiosity you conveyed in our conversations, Q&A sessions and each Hackathon. You are among the brightest and most promising young people in the gaming industry, and it’s clear that ROBLOX has had an impact on many of your goals and aspirations.

We have an enormous responsibility to build and maintain a quality product, and we take that responsibility seriously. Your feedback shapes our platform and helps define our goals. You came in throngs to Chicago, London and New York to make your voices heard. You asked nuanced and detailed questions. You showed us inspired creativity during each and every Hackathon. Meeting with parents showed us where such bright minds came from. We laughed and learned together.


However (and wherever!) you participated in BLOXcon this year, thank you.

At Virtual BLOXcon, you lit up the internet with live questions that stopped not because we ran out of questions, but because we ran out of time. Tens of thousands of ROBLOXians tuned into the livestream to participate in Q&A and watch announcements, while many others spent the day playing games with our staff. We received 4.3 million visitors to our website that day–a clear reflection of the anticipation felt by those who couldn’t make it to one of the three cities.

BLOXcon 2013, in whatever form you experienced it, was an incredible experience for us. To the thousands who attended: thank you so much for your continued support and feedback. Thank you for having the tenacity to stand in a room full of people and ask us the questions that were on your mind. Thank you for building and creating things that I could only imagine when we started ROBLOX. Your intelligence inspires us. Your passion motivates us.

There’s a map open on my desk. We’ll be seeing you soon.


David Baszucki