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The ROBLOXian Film-making Community Is Alive and Well

September 09, 2013

by Andrew Haak


ROBLOX TheatreYou saw the wit and skill of ROBLOX’s film-making community this summer at the Film Fest, which gave us the chance to give BLOXY Awards to 15 brilliant films of five varieties. But BLOXY-caliber films are not a once-a-year phenomenon; the community of storytellers that creates them is always active and always putting in long hours to create great videos. We got much closer to ROBLOX’s filmmakers in the process of running the Film Fest, and have since stumbled upon a number of other fantastic creations, made for the fun of it.

Videos by Dayren

To start, here is a trio of recent videos by one of ROBLOX’s most prolific filmmakers (and owner of the ROBLOX Film Makers group), Dayren. The third one could very well help those of you who are just getting into video — watching it certainly helped me.

Dayren (and team) is now two episodes deep into Noob Gear, a long-form television-style show shot entirely in ROBLOX that features interviews with interesting community members, goofy game competitions with the cast and guests, and various short segments. The second episode (note: we have not watched through the entire episode, so view at your own risk) is a whopping 40 minutes long, so get a snack, go fullscreen and sit back.

Spideyrulz’ Builderman

Builderman Poster

Those of you who paid attention to the BLOXY Awards probably remember Spideyrulz for his incredible Builderman trailer. As promised, he is working hard to turn the trailer into a real thing — an episodic series, to be specific. One step was rebuilding ROBLOX’s classic Crossroads level in modern fashion. You can check out his YouTube channel for progress reports or just watch this recently released comparison between the classic and re-imagined level.

Everyone at ROBLOX loved the Builderman trailer. Needless to say, we’re excited to see the episodes come to fruition.

SharpTH and Mission to the Moon

You might recognize the name SharpTH — we’ve talked with him about the RoWar Reboot project here in the past. While his YouTube channel has been relatively quiet of late, he recently published a short machinima called Mission to the Moon, which is both visually pleasing and humorous.

Other short films from the filmmaking community

Here are a few more high-quality videos from around the film-making community.

Who and what did we miss? Let us know who else is doing their part to grow and advance ROBLOX’s budding film-making community — we’d love to see more.