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A Message to the ROBLOX Community

September 26, 2013

by David Baszucki


Dear ROBLOX Community,

On Tuesday morning we implemented minimum pricing on shirts, pants and t-shirts. The response from the ROBLOX community has been passionate and insightful. All of us at ROBLOX HQ have been busy the past two days talking with ROBLOXians, scanning the forums, and reading our Twitter feeds and personal messages.

The change is intended to increase the financial (ROBUX) rewards for our clothing artists.  Yesterday, our clothing artists and designers earned 3x the ROBUX they earned Wednesday of last week – which is exactly what we wanted to see happen. Simultaneously, though, we have come to understand more thoroughly that some of our clothing designers just want everyone to wear their creations, regardless of earnings.

The price floors are also intended to increase the flow of ROBUX into the community. We have many ROBLOX developers and content creators who spend hundreds of hours on their creations. At BLOXcon I personally met several developers who asked if there was some way they could share financially in their success. Next week, we are launching the Developer Exchange, a program that will allow ROBLOX developers to convert a portion of their ROBUX earnings to real U.S. dollars via a PayPal account. We believe this program will allow some of our most promising developers to devote even more time to polishing their games and creations. The more dynamic the ROBLOX economy becomes, the more we can reward top ROBLOX developers. Our intent is to ultimately allow top developers to support themselves through earnings on ROBLOX.

We have also talked with many of you about the impact to groups and clans that our price floors have created. Many groups and clans have official clothing, uniforms and logo-wear, and it is now more difficult for non-Builders Club members to purchase these. We are looking for ways to rectify this.

We want you to know that we hear all your concerns, especially those of clothing designers wanting high-volume sales, groups and clans with widely used uniforms, and NBC players. We are watching the forums, Twitter, our inboxes, and the data. We are also evaluating possible improvements. Please stay tuned.


— David Baszucki