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Six Awesome Builds You Need to See to Believe

August 26, 2013

by Andrew Haak


Stratosphere Settlement by EBRIf it seems like we’re featuring more community-created games and worlds lately, it’s because we are — with your help, we’re finding more incredible uses of ROBLOX’s tools and becoming more connected with the building and development communities. As usual, this gallery features a variety of places that have a criminally small number of visits. You should join us in remedying that today by paying a visit to these six places you have to see to believe.

The Pavilion by junior7777

ThinkBuildCreate's The Pavilion

The Pavilion is a space station that belongs to the ThinkBuildCreate group and is affiliated with the Pinewood Builders. More importantly, it is an incredible showcase of mind-bending detail and precision, the aesthetic of outlines, and scene-setting dynamic lighting. Huge solar panels cover the outside; I assume they’re so numerous because they have to power an atom smasher (which, for my money, is the focal point of this creation).

How does The Pavilion only have 530 visits?!

The Residence of Virtualdarks by Virtualdarks

The Residence of Virtualdarks

The Residence of Virtualdarks is so modern it’s almost scary (and definitely eerie). Colors — save for your character’s pink glow — are replaced by whites, blacks, and shades of grey, the furniture is slick and probably not very comfortable, and the architecture is angular. There’s not a speck of grit to be found in this home, making it unique among the otherwise organic and natural builds in the remainder of this gallery.

Stratosphere Settlement by EBR

Stratosphere Settlement by EBR

Stratosphere Settlement is the latest collective build by the Elite Builders of ROBLOXia group. You might remember these builders for their other group efforts, Block Town (the place that has become something of a ROBLOX mascot) and Conquest City, both of which were intriguing enough to us that we did a feature story about the process of creating something of such magnitude. This one is a cut above; a series of small, floating islands is tied together via a teleport system, and each island carries its own theme and secrets.

Tree of Life by Ravenshield and Bokken

Tree of Life by Ravenshield

Tree of Life is simultaneously a building and physics showcase, developed jointly by Ravenshield and Bokken. It’s a small place, but it is open to meaningful interpretation — plus, you can spend minutes anticipating and watching each pulse that reverberates through the blocky water. You need to see it in motion.

Seishun Akari by Qiao

Seishun Akari by Qiao

Seishun Akari features five large structures, each with unique architectural flourishes and colors. It’s a work in progress, so you can see the foundation for an unfinished sixth structure, but even in its current state it’s a sight to behold.

Official Sounds of Silence Memorial by Neo15243

Sounds of Silence by Neo15243

Like the Simon & Garfunkle song, Sounds of Silence Memorial is beautiful. The level itself is relatively small, but feels large thanks to the cavernous heights of the walls and ceilings (which are covered in really cool stone carvings). There’s a ton of detail to take in as you walk down the narrow, candle-lit hallway, which leads to a lobby that illustrates the term “sun roof” better than most sport cars. We figure if there’s a monument that Indiana Jones would explore, then it’s worth checking out. This definitely counts.

Our hats are off to the creators of these impressive pieces of ROBLOXia.