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Get Armored Hats for Redeeming ROBLOX Cards in August

August 05, 2013

by BrightEyes


Valiant AdventurerEvery month, we release a new set of exclusive virtual goods you can only obtain by redeeming ROBLOX cards from particular retailers around the world. That means when you’re turning your prized red slice of ROBLOXia into a Builders Club subscription or Robux, you’re snagging yourself a stylish virtual good at no extra cost. For August, we’ve released a robust set of medieval-themed, armored hats that will go great with your grand RPG quests and the most epic of battles.

August Hats Banner


Runebound Warrior: “The runes bind him to his duty, even when it is dangerous.”

Valiant Adventurer
: “True adventures wait for no man!” (Body package bundled with $40 card)


Lieutenant Danger: “He’s definitely the guy you want by your side when things go down.”

Underworld Warrior: “Don’t let his horns get you!”


Golden Lord of the Clouds: “He fights from the sky and commands from their hearts.”

Best Buy

Canute the Great: “It’s not easy being this great.”

Toys R Us

Dragon Skin Cap: “Because you deserve the best!”

Future Shop

Canute the Great: “It’s not easy being this great.”


Emerald Elven Helmet: “They fight for all elf kind!”


Emerald Clawed One: “A descendant of the great clawed one fights alone.”


Skull Faceguard: “Strike terror into the hearts of your foes in this hat.”

EB Games

Studded Champion: “Each stud marks a victory in battle. ”


Ancient Rebel: “Because plain black helmets are no fun.”

Shoppers Drug Mart

Virtuous Winged Warrior: “His strike flies on the wings of virtue.”


Lieutenant Danger: “He’s definitely the guy you want by your side when things go down.”


All of the items listed above are only available with a ROBLOX card and, after the month is over, some of them will even become limited. Get yourself ready for battle and adventure, all while sporting a style that only a limited number of ROBLOXians will ever match.

Check out the new ROBLOX Cards page

Since our last update in July, we’ve launched a new ROBLOX cards page. You can now browse stores (and bundled items) by country, making it easier to find cards in your neck of the world. This page is also where you go to redeem your ROBLOX card.

After purchasing a ROBLOX card, scratch off the section on the back of the card that hides the secret code needed to activate it. The code on the back of the card can only be used once so be sure not to purchase a card if the code is already exposed. Enter the code and click redeem. You’re then ready to spend your ROBLOX credits on Robux or Builders Club.