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Presenting the Second Round of BLOXcon 2013 Award Winners

July 31, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


P1000782Right on the heels of our second sold-out BLOXcon in London, we’ve got some more winners to announce in various forms–more BLOXY Awards, more ROBLOX Hall of Fame winners, and, of course, winners of our Hackathon in London! Let’s start with BLOXY Award winners (and stay tuned for more; we’ll be announcing the remaining winners shortly after BLOXcon NYC).

ROBLOX International Film Fest 2013

BLOXcon London BLOXY Winners:

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you know that we ran a Film Festival last Spring, and we received almost 500 entries in five categories: Building Showcase, Commercial, City-Themed, Short Film/Machinima, and Trailer. We’ll be announcing five winners–one per category–at each BLOXcon, so keep an eye out for more. Today, we’ve got five winners from BLOXcon London!

Building Showcase: “Building Helm’s Deep” by ToniToni

Commercial: “A World Without Limits” by iBarragei

City-Themed: “ROBLOX Dr. Who” by BenjaminLRizza100

Trailer: “The Most Cliche Movie Ever” by MisterObvious

Short Film/Machinima: “Out of Bloxy Cola” by SonictheHedgehogXX


BLOXcon London Hall of Fame 2013 Awards:

Every year, we host a Hall of Fame event where we give awards to ROBLOX builders who are making anything from great games and places to advertisements and videos. This year, we chose some of our favorites, gave you the opportunity to vote on your favorites, and looked at data from the last 12 months to determine what resonates among the community. Much like the BLOXY Awards above, we’ll be announcing more winners at each BLOXcon. Here is the second round of picks!

Video of the Year: “Harlem Shake”  by Hacker225

Best Use of Dynamic Lighting: “Dungeon Delver” by Gl0in and Gl0in2

Users’ Choice for Best Looking Game: Roadrunner Canyon by asimo3089

Users’ Choice for Gear of the Year: The Fallen Artemis Bow

Game of the Year: Apocalypse Rising

BLOXcon London Hackathon “Gold”  Winners

IMG_GoldScrollThe Hackathon pushes our builders’ creative talents, both in terms of scripting and building. We’re impressed each year with the tenacity and know-how of our builders, and this year was no different. The list below features users who earned the “Gold” Scroll, meaning that they earned a total of over 700 points during the Hackathon. Only seven intrepid builders were able to earn the Gold Scroll in Chicago’s BLOXcon. This time around, 11 builders took home gold.

  • EthanComputerMad
  • Ravenshield
  • Geckohero17
  • Blabvoid
  • Jlobblet
  • Thelegoman999
  • blockfacebob
  • zakary99
  • bazooka821
  • dks1234

Software Engineer Dan Healy was one of the hosts running the Hackathon. He says that keeping participants on their toes resulted in some really unique pieces of work.

“It was really an opportunity to see the pure creative energy of our builders,” he recalls. “We made a few questions purposely open-ended, and the participants really took that as an opportunity to go all out. People made some seriously unique creations and brought them to life in a really short amount of time. It was pretty awesome.”