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Play SFOTH: Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Edition Today

July 19, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


IMG_PercyJackson_billboard2ROBLOX has teamed with Fox Pictures to present Sword Fight on the Heights: Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Edition. The ever-famous Sword Fight on the Heights level has gotten a watery facelift, as well as some brand new water and ice-themed weapons for you to collect and wield. Battle up to 13 other players using your ROBLOX avatar in an effort to collect all four weapons, scattered precariously throughout the map, and earn the prized Golden Fleece gear.

The four weapons featured in Sword Fight on the Heights: Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Edition were hand-chosen from the catalog and modified for game balance. The Beach Battle Sword allows you to shoot waves at opponents and the Ice Trident pushes foes great distances on contact– both are useful when it comes to knocking enemies into the bottomless pit below. The Ice Breaker gives you the ability to freeze opponents in a block of ice, and the Ice Axe features a spinning attack that slows the movement of your opponents upon contact. While the damage attributes and cooldown times on special strikes are very different from weapon to weapon, everything has been tweaked for a dynamic and unpredictable gameplay experience.

SFOTH: Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Edition

Collecting each sword without getting knocked out will require quick reflexes and precise jumping, though the reward for doing so is worth the effort. Obtaining all four swords unlocks the Golden Fleece, which you will automatically wear until you’re knocked out. The Golden Fleece grants you the power of flight, which, if you’re familiar with this level, you’ll know is a massive advantage. You’ll be free to traverse the various heights of the level with ease, and tactfully swoop in for knock outs.

You can also earn up to seven exclusive badges. Each weapon has an unlockable badge for earning 10 knock outs with it in a single game. You also unlock a badge by earning the Golden Fleece, and a badge for getting a certain number of knock outs while wearing it—this badge will also provide you with the Golden Fleece as a gear item in your ROBLOX inventory. What’s more, the Golden Fleece will be appearing very rarely in ROBLOX Battle. If you see it, grab it immediately to earn the final badge!

Well, what are you waiting for? Start working toward your own Golden Fleece today!