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Presenting the Winners of the BLOXcon Poster Contest

June 07, 2013

by Andrew Haak


Poster Contest GraphicIn the ROBLOXian spirit of creativity and participation, we decided not to make our own posters for the fast-approaching BLOXcon, but leave it in the hands of our community. We received almost 300 (requirement-meeting) posters over the course of a 10-day submission period, and today are announcing the winners and runners up for each BLOXcon — Chicago, London and New York City. Congratulations in advance to all the winners and a big, blocky thank you to everyone who participated in the competition.

As promised, all three winners will receive three fantastic prizes: distribution of their printed poster to all BLOXcon attendees, a signed copy from the ROBLOX admins, and an exclusive virtual item (details forthcoming). And, because of the quality of the submissions, we’ll also give the virtual exclusive to the two runners up for each category.

BLOXcon Chicago

Congratulations to freaked, for this old-world BLOXcon Chicago poster!

Chicago poster by freaked

Runners up: Genius5 and ArceusInator

Chicago poster by Genius5 Chicago poster by ArceusInator

BLOXcon London

It’s hard to lose when your poster features jets, smoke trails and a ROBLOXian tipping his cap. Congratulations to hammer124!

London poster by hammer124

Runners up: IBarrageI and blevers

London poster by blevers  London poster by IBarrageI

BLOXcon New York City

This is it! The winning poster for BLOXcon New York City. Congratulations to BlastOMan, who proved to be a poster expert in this contest.

NYC poster by BlastOMan

Runners up: koala0226, Pengu8 and Narutoexpert2

NYC poster by koala0226 NYC poster by Pengu8 NYC poster by Narutoexpert