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A Look at the BLOXcon Main Stage Presentation

June 17, 2013

by Andrew Haak


BLOXcon Fedoras

It’s been a little while since we revealed any details about our fast-approaching BLOXcons – so today, we’re going to reveal the projected program for our Main Stage Presentation. This is a roughly two-hour show with exclusive news and announcements, two fantastic awards shows, a “State of ROBLOXia” from CEO David Baszucki, Q&A sessions and more.

Even those of you who can’t attend BLOXcon in person will be able to experience much of this content by attending Virtual BLOXcon, scheduled for September 21st, 2013. We’ll be re-broadcasting footage from each BLOXcon, streaming totally fresh content from ROBLOX HQ and interacting with you via ROBLOX games and social media. Save the date!

BLOXcon Main Stage Presentation Schedule

  • Intro and “State of ROBLOXia” with CEO David Baszucki
  • Cool Stuff Happening Now (a spotlight on a brand-new product feature)
  • User Showcase Interview (tentative)
  • Film Festival and BLOXY Awards
  • Q&A: Ask Us Anything
  • Hall of Fame 2013 Awards
  • Cool Stuff Happening Soon (a spotlight on an upcoming product feature)
  • Wrap-up
RGC 2012 Feedback Session

RGC 2012 attendees shared great ideas and feedback.

Other things to do

Every BLOXcon ticket-holder is entitled to one Main Stage Presentation slot. Here are some of the things you can do with the rest of your time:

  • Visit the ROBLOX lab, where you can play and build with friends
  • Participate in the hackathon, an event loaded with building and scripting challenges (and prizes!)
  • Meet up with and make new ROBLOX friends
  • Get your hands on ROBLOX schwag, including real-world fedoras, World Tour t-shirts, hoodies, discounted ROBLOX cards and more

There might also be some celebrity ROBLOX veterans and big-name groups in attendance. Don’t miss your opportunity to get to know them!