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Win a Prestigious BLOXY at the ROBLOX Film Festival

April 13, 2013

by Andrew Haak


ROBLOX International Film Festival PosterForget the Oscars, the Emmys, the Tonys and the Grammys. In the summer of 2013, the most prized award will be a BLOXY– and you could be among the few and proud ROBLOXians to take one home.

This year, we want to see you, the builders and players of the ROBLOX community, share more and more of your creativity and ROBLOXian experience using video. Sure, we’ve already held video contests and made a point of awarding users for their ingenious ideas at last year’s ROBLOX Game Conference, but now we’re thinking bigger, grander and more glorious. We’re thinking worldwide ROBLOX Film Festival, where the winners not only receive BLOXY Awards, but have their films premiered at each BLOXcon in front of a live audience.

Here’s an approximate idea of how the Film Festival will work. Late in April, we will open the festival up, contest-style, to your submissions. You’ll have several weeks to create and submit your entry. All submissions will be visible to the public, which will vote for its favorites to help us narrow the field. Finally, we’ll choose the BLOXY recipients and announce winners in different categories at each of the three BLOXcon events.

We’ll be looking for videos in the following categories. All entries must be ROBLOX-themed, though you can incorporate any type of footage.

  • Chicago/London/New York City (2 minutes max): Produce a video that represents Chicago, IL; London, England; or New York, NY — these are the homes of this year’s BLOXcon events
  • Short Film/Machinima (2 minutes max): Tell an entertaining, original short story – whether it’s dramatic or high-action or comedy – by creating ROBLOX machinima
  • Trailers (90 seconds max): Create a trailer for a game, movie or television series – real or totally fictitious
  • Commercials (30 seconds max): Create the ultimate ROBLOX commercial, highlighting Builders Club or the limitless possibilities of ROBLOX
  • Building and physics showcases (1 minute max): Capture footage or yourself (and friends, if you’d like) building something awesome – a place or physics contraption (e.g., Rube Goldberg machine) – and speed the footage way up so we can see the whole process

We’re telling you all of this now so you can start planning and storyboarding your ideas. Making a great video is a time-consuming process, so it’s worth starting early and paying attention to detail. If you’d like to work as a team, that’s totally acceptable.

Here are some examples of past user-created videos that are of BLOXY Award quality — each for very different reasons.

ROBLOX gives you many paths to fame – you can be a phenomenal builder, great game designer, fashion wizard, wheeler and dealer, or forum fanatic. Now, you can be recognized as a premiere director and storyteller. We’ll have more specific details and dates in the near future. For now, good luck as you start your pursuit of a coveted BLOXY!