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What Games and Places Are Earning Robux in April?

April 12, 2013

by John Shedletsky


In January, we took an extensive look at the games and places that were the most financially successful on ROBLOX. Whether it’s through adding gear to a game, taking advantage of Game Passes or just racking up series visits, there are a lot of opportunities to rake in serious cash. We decided to dig back into the data — this time for April — to see which places are most effectively earning money on a per-visit basis. We also take this opportunity to compare numbers from January with the latest stats to analyze the similarities and differences.

Here is a list of the top 20 most successfully monetizing games on ROBLOX in April:

April Statistics:

  • Longest Obby on ROBLOX–1.92 Robux/visit
  • Trollventure Wars!–0.909 Robux/visit
  • End of Robloxia: Giant Noob Attack–0.901 Robux/visit
  • Climb the Stairs– 1.043 Robux/visit
  • Las Palmas: The Valley of Death–1.407 Robux/visit
  • Vortex Security: Headquarters 2.0–1.283 Robux/visit
  • The Hunger Games 2013 *BC Version*–0.870 Robux/visit
  • Rescue or be Rescued–0.797 Robux/ visit
  • [The Grand Imperium] New Alexandria–1.111 Robux/visit
  • [USA] Washington, District of Columbia–1.046 Robux/visit
  • Be Crushed by a Typical Speeding Wall–0.763 Robux/visit
  • ROBLOX Quest: The Start V1.4.3–1.002 Robux/visit
  • CHECKPOINTS: Obby for Prizes–1.002 Robux/visit
  • Gear 4 Pros–0.982 Robux/visit
  • Catching Fire v4.3.3–0.983 Robux/visit
  • The Greenwood Town–0.486 Robux/visit
  • Neon Red Light Night Club–0.856 Robux/visit
  • Melee Mayhem!–0.217 Robux/visit
  • Build and Fight in Minecraft–0.802 Robux/visit
  • [Zombies!] Get in the House!–0.467 Robux/visit

For the sake of comparison, let’s look at some of the numbers pulled from January to see what’s changed in the past four months:

January Statistics:

  • Cool Obby–1.62 Robux/visit
  • Longest Obby on ROBLOX–1.504 Robux/visit
  • Trollventure Wars!–1.217 Robux/visit
  • End of Robloxia: Giant Noob Attack–1.191 Robux/visit
  • Gear 4 Pros–1.16 Robux/visit
  • Legend of the Shattered Rune II–1.056 Robux/visit
  • Warrior Cats RPG: New-Leaf–1.049 Robux/visit
  • Climb the Stairs–1.00 Robux/visit
  • The Legends of Hawkhaven–0.861 Robux/visit
  • King of the Hill–0.751 Robux/visit
  • Giftstravaganza 2012–0.746 Robux/visit
  • Mower Madness–0.738 Robux/visit
  • Kill the Clones: Tournament–0.713 Robux/visit
  • [The Grand Imperium] New Alexandria–0.698 Robux/visit
  • The City of Columbia–0.660 Robux/visit
  • [USA] Washington, District of Columbia–0.655 Robux/visit
  • IRM-The District of Wewelsburg-Shutdown–0.654 Robux/visit
  • Three Player War Tycoon–0.620 Robux/visit
  • The Longest Obby in ROBLOX–0.586 Robux/visit
  • The Legend of the Shattered Rune–0.570 Robux/visit

Interesting! Let’s take a closer look at what these stats mean.


The most efficient money maker in April is bringing 1.9 Robux per visit. Some of our readers have levels that receive a million visits per month. Imagine how much Robux you’d be making if you got 1.9 Robux per visit. The Longest Obby sells six different gear items and six different game passes at a variety of price points. Trollventure Wars, our #2 level in April, uses this same strategy: it sells nine gear items and six different passes. This seems to be working rather well.

All of the places on our list are selling Game Passes. Selling Game Passes can be extremely lucrative, as you’re allowed to keep 70% of the profits. While selling Game Passes can be more difficult than selling gear on your game’s page, it’s worth the effort. The top gear seller in the past 30 days has been Sword Fighting Tournament, having made 47,860 Robux. The top Game Pass seller, Pokemon Destinies, made 135,908 Robux. That’s a big difference.

We noted some other trends, as well. For instance, the games that are the most successful at selling gear, sell items that are actually useful inside their games. Another thing to consider: five of the places in our list mention in their titles that there is a Game Pass for their level. The most common type of Game Pass is a “VIP Pass,” which gives users access to exclusive areas of the map or other compelling benefits.

Combination is Key

We’re glad to see users leveraging our virtual economy features to drive the ROBLOX market and earn themselves Robux. As with nearly all facets of our platform, don’t be afraid to experiment–combining Game Passes with other forms of goods seems to be a winning strategy thus far. Keep experimenting with all of our different game incentives, and we’ll be sure to continue keeping you in the loop with what’s going in our crazy, ever-shifting economy.