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Six Awesome ROBLOX Places You’ve Never Seen Before, Part 2

April 15, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


Writing for the ROBLOX blog means Andrew and I are constantly keeping an eye on the community in search of under-the-radar showcases of excellent ROBLOX building. Andrew recently wrote about some of the most amazing places he’s seen on our platform–now it’s my turn. So, without further ado, I present six of the most awesome places I’ve seen recently, in no particular order. You don’t have to take my word for it either–follow the headline links to experience these awesome places for yourself!

RSC Ship Production by ROBLOXYTON

This massive spaceship features an interior that reminded me of 2001: A Space Odyssey–there’s a stillness to the tech-infused interior that was scarily familiar. While I had a blast exploring the spacecraft’s interior, I eventually found a door that lead outside, into space. That’s when I zoomed out to have a look at the ship and thought, “Whoaaaa.”

Seishun Otoko by Qiao

To put it simply, Seishun Otoko feels like a town that I would absolutely visit in real life. Vendors and performers litter the streets, while oriental lamps hang on ropes high in the air. At face value the place looks quite impressive, but exploring takes you to secret rooms and rooftops that let you see it from an even more dramatic perspective. The amount of minute details you’ll notice is worth the trip.

There's a lot to explore in Seishun Otoko

Edge of the World by Sam010100001

This place reminded me of a Tim Burton movie–in addition to having some abstract visuals, the flowing water in this place looks utterly fantastic. It’s difficult to catch how great it looks in pictures, but when you stand on top of the waterfall and watch the water cascade down, it’s truly a sight to behold. The terrain makes the place look like it’s made out of mounds of ice cream.

I'm craving ice cream now, for some reason

Merciless by Unclear

This place is small, but it really has an artistic merit to it that I haven’t seen before on ROBLOX. From what I can tell, Merciless is a recreation of the Roman times. It depicts two statue gladiators who are locked in a battle to the death, as the emperor sits in on his throne spectating. The amount of detail put into each of the statues (as well as the surrounding pillars) is astounding.

Countryside by finwei

Countryside is a spectacular outdoors environment with a very unique and warm look–it’s also massive in size, especially given the amount of details that populate every nook and cranny.. You can explore the creeks and hills, and check out the insides of some of the homes, which look like they came straight out of Lord of the Rings. One of the homes in particular looks like that of a very familiar Hobbit.

Pirates Heaven by Jardicel

This oldie but goodie was created in 2008, and even now it’s very beautiful. I was particularly impressed with how fitting the level appears when staged in front of the skybox–something about the grayish tone of the sky just blends well with the neutral colors. The level itself is massive with a ton of houses and boats to explore. Perhaps I’m personally biased because I’m pre-disposed to ocean side towns, but I had a blast exploring.