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Sellers Unite: A Weekend Tax Holiday For All!

April 11, 2013

by chiefjustus


April 15th can be a rough day–that’s the last day for millions of Americans to scrounge up a heap of documents from the past year and file their (ugh) taxes. With that dreadful day looming on the horizon, we’re declaring a tax holiday this weekend to spread a little financial relief! Starting this Friday, we’re cutting marketplace fees in half, meaning all transactions will be subject to only a 15% fee (as opposed to our normal 30%). What does this mean for users?

A few things. If you’re particularly active in the ROBLOX economy, then this weekend would be an optimal time to sell and/or trade items of all sorts and sizes. Limited items are typically quite costly, so this could save you some big time Robux if you’re looking to sell. The cut will also apply to group store sales, game pass sales, and sales of all types of clothing. (Currency transactions, as always, are not subject to a marketplace fee.) You may be able to trade more effectively, as any amount of Robux added to incentivize any given trade will be taxed at half the usual rate.

In order to manage inflation in the economy while maintaining a stable flow of currency going in and out of our system, ROBLOX takes a cut of all sales made by users. This marketplace fee is necessary to keep our economy running smoothly, but we thought we’d lower that fee by 50% in the spirit of the upcoming Tax Day. So if you’ve been waiting for the right time to sell or trade some of your favorite gear, this upcoming weekend is as good a time as you may ever get!

This event starts April 12th, and runs through the afternoon of the 15th. So log in and sell as much as you can to take advantage of the cut. As always, we’ll keep an eye on the ROBLOX economy to see what sort of interesting (and potentially massive) transactions take place over the weekend. Good luck!