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Purchase and Trade Multiple Copies of Limited Items Today

April 16, 2013

by Sairam Venugopal

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Starting today, you can purchase and trade multiple copies of the same limited item. We’ve made this change to simplify our economy while simultaneously expanding it–in particular, it offers you much more flexibility when trading within the ROBLOX economy. Before we go into any more detail, keep this in mind: this doesn’t mean you can purchase multiple limited items from us, but you can purchase and trade multiple copies of the same item from other users. 

We recognize that “item hoarding” is a talking-point among the community, though we don’t think this should be cause for concern. If you’re planning on going out and blowing 100,000 Robux on 100 copies of the same hat, we recommend rethinking that strategy. There’d be no value in it–the market mechanics of supply and demand would make it difficult to resell those hats at a profit.

We’ve talked previously about the implications of this feature, but we’ll reiterate. Like nearly all facets of our platform, trading items on ROBLOX is something of a meta game, and this update will change the rules for the better. Trading will be entirely different–you’ll never have to worry about losing out on a great deal because you already own an item that’s a part of the transaction. Likewise, you can conceivably deal the same limited item in more than one trade. We think this will lead to an economy that is much more willing to trade, as users won’t need to fear being forced away from a good deal because one user has a particular item that they already own. We’ll also be upping the overall amount of limited items we release, depending on the demand that comes from this functionality.

We are aware that the release of this feature has disallowed the initiation of new trades. The Web Team is working on a patch, which will deploy tomorrow and resolve this issue. We’re really interested to see what kind of activity will take form in our economy as a result of this feature, and will be keeping a watchful eye on things to see what trends. Want to discuss these changes with experienced ROBLOX economy enthusiasts? Talk with fellow ROBLOXians about what these changes mean? Head over to the Let’s Make a Deal forum and share your thoughts.