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Six Awesome ROBLOX Places You’ve Never Seen Before

March 13, 2013

by Andrew Haak


Imagination's Hiding PlaceEvery time I page through the creations of ROBLOX users, I find something I have to photograph, add to my favorites or somehow etch into memory. It speaks not only to the volume of content, but the quality. There are incredible builders, level designers and artists in the ROBLOX community, and this blog post exists to make sure their unbelievably detailed and thoughtful work gets its just deserve. These, my friends, are must-see virtual worlds. And you can bring all of them to life by making a personal visit today.

Centralis City by E981

The only thing missing in Centralis City is a sky full of flying cars. This is the future.

Centralis City

E981 built a world of massive scale — you can tell by how long it takes to get from place to place — and massive detail. There is a ton of soaring architecture and still many subtle touches via floating, futuristic signage and decals. This place is proof that anything is possible on ROBLOX.

Nature Walk by Naturewalk

This is the polar opposite of Centralis City; a place where plant life thrives and switches open a secret cave door behind a waterfall. The juxtaposition of colors between the autumn trees, bright blue waterfall and greenhouse makes Nature Walk a striking visual experience. The butterflies over the bridge are a nice touch.


Derelict Office by TacoConsumer

What makes TacoConsumer’s run-down office special is the quality and volume of decal textures. This level looks like something out of Left 4 Dead, a game known for telling a story through environmental cues rather than a narrator beating you over the head with it. TacoConsumer has mastered his own style of ROBLOX building and certainly shows he has the chops to be a successful 3D artist.

Derelict Office

Sky Dimension by ratchet500

Ever since my first visit to the world Zeal in the Super Nintendo classic Chrono Trigger, I’ve had a thing for floating cities. There’s Imagination’s Hiding Place (pictured at the top of this article), which we recently featured on our Facebook page, for starters, but I more recently discovered Sky Dimension by ratchet500. It’s bigger, bolder (that doesn’t necessarily mean better), and it gives you the ability to fly — which, it turns out, is really useful when you live on a floating island. This place is imaginative and colorful, and it feels like a great world to zip around with friends. (Also, there’s a version with swords, which could get interesting.)

Sky Dimension

Compound by samaxis

While Compound currently serves as a building showcase and place to explore with a friend, it has the makings of a fun first-person-shooter level. With a desert setting, cracked walls and downed helicopter, it feels like the right environment for competitive multiplayer action. The atmosphere is great, and the architecture — no matter how much it’s crumbled — is a satisfying sight.


Globe Theatre by artxia98

According to its place description, Globe Theatre was a school project artxia98 decided to create using ROBLOX. It’s a detailed recreation of the Globe Theatre (go figure), which was originally constructed in London in 1599 and associated with Shakespeare. I hope artxia98 got an A.

Globe Theatre

There are so many great ROBLOX places out there that we simply can’t see them all. What places have you stumbled upon lately? If something caught your eye, let us know about it in the comments. Check out the original six must-see ROBLOX places here.