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Presenting The Winners of the Egg and Face Design Contests

March 22, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


A few weeks ago we launched several fan art contests, where we asked our artistically inclined users to submit egg textures for the upcoming and wildly popular ROBLOX Egg Hunt, and users to create their own ROBLOX faces–the prize being a 2,500 Robux payday. We received a ton of creative submissions, and have officially chosen winners in both categories.

Winners: ROBLOX Egg Retexture Contest

We received over a thousand entries, and there were way too many cool designs to pick just two winning eggs. So we chose three regular eggs, and three Fabrege eggs to add to our 2013 ROBLOX Egg Hunt. We’ll be posting info about the 2013 ROBLOX Egg Hunt early next week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Winning Entries

Fruity Egg of the Watermelon by TheEasterZombie

Golden Chocolate Egg of Nom Nom Nom by freaked

Rich Ladie’s Tiger Skin Egg by iJJamAwesome

Dream Weaver Fraberge Egg by rebellion66

Purple Faberge Egg of Royalty by nintendocpu

Dragon Egg (Cyan base) by Arceuslnator

Winners: ROBLOX Face Creation Contest

Face off! You guys really came through with this contest–our inboxes became flooded with over 1,200 entries for our Face Creation Contest. We narrowed the pool down to ten of our favorite faces, then had users vote on the top two. Congratulations to Darkhonour and EpicFailsFTW–you’ll be receiving 2,500 Robux each–well done!

“Daring Beard” by Darkhonour




“Evily Skeptic” by EpicFailsFTW



We’re also announcing winners of our Fan Art Contest every week on the ROBLOX Facebook page. If you haven’t already Liked us, do so today to see great new ROBLOX art every week.

Thank you all for your wonderfully creative submissions. Keep an eye out on the blog and the ROBLOX Forums for more contests and chances to win cool prizes!