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The ROBLOX Presidents Day Sale Starts February 15th

February 14, 2013

by BrightEyes


Presidents Day SaleOver the next seven days — Friday the 15th through Friday the 22nd — ROBLOX is playing host to a massive Presidents Day Sale. And when we say “massive,” we mean it. Not only are we discounting select hats and gear by 30-50%, we’re making a number of items limited, putting currently unavailable items back on sale, releasing user-created hats as official ROBLOX hats, and launching a new round of gear for the week. We’re going to keep you busy.

What’s especially cool about our Presidents Day Sale is the featured items were selected by users. A couple weeks back, we launched a survey, asking ROBLOX users to decide what items they’d like to be included in the sale. The results dictated what you’ll be able to purchase on the cheap over the next week.

Just about everything is on sale at once. That means you can grab some W Inc. Designer Sunglasses, a Purple Banded Top Hat and 8-Ball Headphones at a discounted price. The Alien Airbreather, an item that has been off-sale for a while and with only about 4,000 in circulation, is back to life. Of course, there’s plenty more.

Get ready to dive into the catalog, and keep an eye on it over the next seven days — there might be a few additions along the way.

Update: Wizards of the Astral Isles Gear Now Available

Flying Pegasus: Using the Q and E keys to speed up and slow down, the Flying Pegasus lets you soar the skies of ROBLOX with the utmost majesty. It doesn’t do any damage — it’s a calm, collected companion — but it certainly covers ground a whole lot faster than a pair of legs.

Rat Plague Staff: Use this menacing weapon to summon a group of five plague rats for up to 20 seconds. Each rat deals 8 points of damage per bite/claw, and the staff can support up to 13 rats at a time (the staff will instantly destroy old ones if more are summoned)!

Limb Stretching Spell: Activating this scroll allows you to stretch your limbs to impossible lengths! The initial click will stretch your arms, and additional clicks will cause you to attack nearby enemies with your elongated appendages for 26 hit points of damage per hit. Click in rapid succession to do a helicopter spin — and listen close. Your new arms make a slapping sound when hitting people.

Frog Transformer: Turn other users into frogs! Once in “frog state,” users cannot use any gear items, and will be forced to hop along instead of walk. If you become a frog, it’s not all bad news; hit spacebar to do a backflip!