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ROBLOX Users: Part of Our Development Team

February 25, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


ROBLOX is a user-generated content platform at its core. We make the tools, then leave it up to you to utilize them in new and innovative ways. We need your feedback as game developers and builders to help us ensure that our tools are giving you as much power and efficiency as possible.

User feedback and participation are cornerstones of ROBLOX’s elaborate testing infrastructure, and play a large role in dictating what exactly we work on here at HQ. Unlike other online games, ROBLOX is under constant development. The direction that development takes is dictated by our players. In a very real way, our users are part of our development team. 

Priorities based on your feedback

Since we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the ROBLOX experience for users, the most popular requests get first priority. That’s why we’re constantly engaging with our community. We share new news on our Facebook and Twitter pages, scour the ROBLOX Forums for trending topics, and keep a keen eye on your thoughts on every article we write for the ROBLOX blog–your feedback plays a big part in helping us prioritize what to work on next. The second we turn on a new feature on our test site, we immediately begin listening. What do you like? What don’t you like? What’s broken? What’s fixed? How has this change affected your ROBLOX experience? We want to know. On more than one occasion, user feedback caused us to change what we ultimately ended up shipping.

Testing is the core of ROBLOX

Every time we release a major feature or make changes to our website, we invite users to test the changes so we can get feedback and fix any bugs. Though we send out site-wide notifications when we need to conduct user-testing, you can also stay up to date on what needs testing by hanging out in the Testing Forums (there are several different forums for different facets of testing, including website testing, game testing, Studio testing and mobile app testing). We’re looking for ways to reward testers for their efforts, but for now, the reward is simply being there first. When we released water, for example, the testers who ironed out the bugs had already built games with water, which were ready to launch alongside the release.

Your feedback helps shape our platform

To further engage with our users, ROBLOX CEO David Baszucki has been scheduling weekly phone meetings with new users to collect feedback and talk all things ROBLOX. In order to do this, we’ve been reaching out to users who recently signed up to see if they’d like to chat with Dave. We want to reach you, the users, in as many different ways as possible. We also just announced Behind the BLOX, a weekly event where we’ll be opening our doors for users to come and talk with us every Friday. Check out this blog article to learn more.

A web of interaction

There are various ways to share your thoughts and ideas. We encourage feedback on our Facebook and Google Plus pages, where we share ROBLOX news and watch how users react to it. You can also follow our staff on Twitter for the latest breaking news in all departments of ROBLOX, and leave user feedback on our account, @ROBLOX.

We’ve also begun asking questions right inside ROBLOX games. For our last User Feedback article, we gathered all the questions simply by hopping into some games and interacting with users in the environment. (It was interesting–asking questions then getting hacked apart from behind by users actually playing the game.)

Visiting our company blog is another great way to stay informed with what’s going on at ROBLOX HQ. We move at breakneck speeds here–new features are constantly being worked on and documented on the blog. You can also leave your written thoughts on blog articles and chat with other users about changes we’ve made in the comments. Regardless of length or subject matter, we read them all.