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Erik Cassel Apparel: Proceeds go to Cancer Research

February 15, 2013

by David Baszucki


In honor of ROBLOX co-founder Erik Cassel, we’re featuring some special clothing items until February 25. Longtime users know that Erik could often be found in ROBLOX wearing the “Well Worn Hat” – this hat meant a lot to Erik, and now that he’s passed, it means a lot to us. We’ve re-named it Erik Cassel’s Hat, and we’re now offering it for 20 Robux. We’ve also made new commemorative “Erik” t-shirts, which are only a single ticket. We hope you’ll wear them in remembrance of Erik. Based on the sales of these items, ROBLOX will make a substantial donation to cancer research. Thank you to the entire ROBLOX community all for your respect and support.