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Be a ROBLOX Tycoon: Earn Robux With Game Passes and Gear

January 28, 2013

by John Shedletsky


ROBLOX users often want to know how they can earn some extra Robux. Fortunately, the way our economy is structured, there is a wide range of things you can do to fatten your ROBLOX wallet. Today, we’ll be focusing on Game Passes and the Add Gear to Game feature, both of which are great places to start–especially if you’ve got a game that’s picking up traction.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on how currency moves through ROBLOX in an effort to provide more tips and education in the future.

Add Gear to Game

Selling promoted gear for your popular game can earn you some serious Robux.

Pro: It’s free to add gear to your place! Builder’s Club or not, no matter how you swing it, it’s free. So if you’ve got a game that’s popular, why not head into the catalog and start adding items to your game? Even if your game is just getting a couple of thousand visits a month, you could easily earn some extra Robux by encouraging people to experiment with other items in your game.

Pro: Buyers are more likely to buy items that can be used in other games. A game pass, by way of example, can only be used within the rules and parameters of the game that person is occupying. With gear, it’s a tangible item that users can keep after their transaction. Users are much more likely to buy items they can walk away with.

Pro: It’s fast! You can add gear to your game in seconds.

Con: You only get 10% of the purchase price of the item. These items are relatively easy to sell but you don’t turn a huge profit per item. 10% may seem like a small number, but it’s about quantity. You’d be surprised how fast a couple thousand item sales can add up.

Con: Be careful what you add! Remember, some gear is extremely powerful, and could alter the rules of your game. Be selective, and test out gear you want to add first.

Game Passes 

Pro: Unlike gear, you get to design exactly what a Game Pass does–you’re the developer. You can have game passes do virtually anything in your game. They can unlock hidden classes, parts of levels, weapons–you are in full control.

Pro: You keep 70% of what you earn. That’s a whole lot more than gear, but also brings up a pretty major…

Con: If you’re not well established, people are much less likely to purchase your Game Pass, as compared to an official gear item created by ROBLOX. That’s why they cost developers 100 Robux to make. You’ve got to be totally sure you want to make one and that it will give users abilities worth the cash.

Con:You have to be a Builder’s Club member to create and sell Game Passes.

Tycoon Stats

We were curious who was making the most money from their ROBLOX games, so we pulled a bunch of stats relating to gear and pass sales from the last 30 days. Incredibly, there are 468 levels on ROBLOX that are each making their creators at least 1000 Robux per month. 150 builders are making more than 10,000 Robux per month. Finally, there are 29 ROBLOX tycoons who are each bringing in more than 100,000 Robux per month from their games.

Measuring Success

The most popular games, by definition, have a ton of people playing them and thus tend to make more money than less popular places when they opt to sell game passes or gear. You might not have the most popular game on ROBLOX, so how do you measure your success? One simple metric that takes popularity out of the equation is keeping track of how many Robux you make per visit to your level. For example, if you have a level that gets 100 visits per 7 days (a stat you can see on your Build page (it’s in the dropbox combo box for the sort)), and you sell 200 Robux worth of game passes per week there, then you are making 2 Robux per visit. If you’re actually making 2 Robux/visit, you’re doing awesome. That means if you manage to make your place more popular through updates (or ads) to the point where you’re getting 1000 visits per week, you’d magically start making 2000 Robux a week without tweaking your game passes or gear offerings.

I dug around in our database and found the places with the highest Robux/visit over the past 30 days (filtering out the ones with a very low number of total visits to make the results statistically sound). The following is a list of the top 20 most successfully monetizing levels on ROBLOX:

Longest Obby on ROBLOX!! (MEGA SALE ON ALL VIPS!!) – 8.1 Robux/visit

Gear 4 Pro’s! – 6.5 Robux/visit

Legend of the Shattered Rune II-Closed Until 31st – 6.4 Robux/visit

Trollventure Wars V.6.3! — Buy Vip! – 5.8 Robux/visit

Warrior Cats RPG: Leaf-Fall! (FAVORITE!) – 5.7 Robux/visit

Climb the Stairs [HUGE VIP AND ADMIN SALE!] – 5.5 Robux/visit

End of Robloxia™: GIANT NOOB ATTACK – 5.2 Robux/visit

The Legends Of Hawkhaven (3k vists!!!!) – 4.7 Robux/visit

Giftstravaganza 2012™ – 4.5 Robux/visit

IRM – The District of Wewelsburg – 4.0 Robux/visit

Kill The Clones: Tournament – 3.9 Robux/visit

Airport Tycoon – 3.8 Robux/visit

Protect Telamon from Zombies! [15] *FAV FOR VIP – 3.8 Robux/visit

Three player war tycoon 5.0 *New Tycoons* – 3.7 Robux/visit

King Of The Hill [New Shops!] – 3.6 Robux/visit

-(TGGE)- Outpost Wolfenstein |WINTER| – 3.4 Robux/visit

Legend of the shattered rune (1k Visited!!!!) – 3.2 Robux/visit

Ragdoll Fight on the Heights – 3.2 Robux/visit

The Legends II RPG | Free Dragon Pet! – 3.1 Robux/visit

[Allied Forces]: LLA H4 J2IV 9283 – 3.1 Robux/visit

We’ll be interviewing some of our most successful ROBLOX tycoons in a future article to bring you guys some inside tips from the best of the best. Until then, the best way to win is to get in the game — if you haven’t tried selling gear in your place, give it a whirl for a couple of days. The results might surprise you.