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The Holiday Spirit Spreads Through ROBLOX

December 24, 2012

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


Christmas TreeAs the seasons change, ROBLOX users have found many ways to slightly alter their places and games to reflect the spirit of the season. With Christmas just around the corner, some users have updated their places to spread holiday cheer, while others are making brand new games just in time for the holidays. Check them out! 

The Complex V.4

User spyro372 re-decorated his popular place, which features a mall, stores, parks and a few fast food joints, for the holiday season. Wreaths decorate doors of houses, candy canes shoot out of the ground, and there’s a sleigh with a bunch of reindeer in front of the mall. Aesthetics aside, spyro372 did something tricky to the snow on the ground: if you sit on the slide (it’s in the center of the map) and slide down, once you hit the snow, you’ll just keep right on sliding, all the way across the map if you choose.

The Complex: Holiday Theme

Cabin Hangout Christmas

This highly detailed virtual hang out has been visited over 830,000 times, and for good reason. It’s not a game, but it’s a beautiful environment, featuring a huge cabin with Christmas lights, decorations, trees and even a friendly bear named George that will follow you around (if you can find him). We all wish we had a beautiful escape for the holidays, and now we do! Virtually, anyway.

ROBLOX Christmas Rush

ROBLOX Christmas Rush is a game based around crafting–you’re one of Santa’s elves, and you assemble holiday gifts in a workshop. After you jump in and complete a short tutorial, you’re sent off to the workshop to find items that you can combine to make cool gifts. The game features an in-game guide that shows you what to look for, and you can trade the gifts you make for cookies, which can then be used to buy in-game prizes. There are different sections of the workshop with items of different elemental designations, like plastic and wood. We were impressed with the sheer amount of things we were able to create.

Crazyman32’s Snowball Mania

User Crazyman32 has made some really popular titles on ROBLOX, including Freeflight and Perilous Skies, so were thrilled to find out that he’s actively working on a winter-themed title known as Snowball Mania. We caught up with Crazyman32 to get the inside scoop.

“I knew I wanted to make a Christmas type of game, but what could I do? ROBLOX players love war and action type games, so I decided to create a team deathmatch title called Snowball Mania,” recalls Crazyman32.

The game features multiple maps and two teams. You earn points by hitting other users with snowballs, and each respective snowball does a different–and totally random–amount of damage. If you’re killed you respawn immediately and the fight continues, though you will have limited ammo. Each player will start off with twelve snowballs, and once you run out, you’ve got to search the maps for more. You’ll also be able to earn upgrades that increase your accuracy and overall speed–the more points you score, the faster you can upgrade.

A timelapse video of Snowball Mania’s development

“I’m hoping to have this done by Christmas. Perilous Skies took me months to perfect. I’m making this in like a week,” Crazyman32 says with a laugh. “It will develop into something bigger later on. For now, I always appreciate if ROBLOX users could stop by and test it out. User input and criticisms are the best things I could ask for.”