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ROBLOX Mobile in the Press: Forbes, Mac|Life and More

December 27, 2012

by Andrew Haak


NewspaperIt’s now been a couple weeks since the official launch of ROBLOX Mobile gaming. Since then, several gaming and technology media outlets have taken notice of our unique mobile experience, where your content takes center stage. We’ve rounded up a few of the great articles that have been authored since ROBLOX Mobile’s release and pulled excerpts from each below.

Forbes LogoForbes writer Alex Konrad had the benefit of meeting in person with ROBLOX CEO David Baszucki, who demonstrated the app just before its launch. In his article, The World’s Most Popular Kids Site Takes Its Games Mobile, he said:

The move to iOS is the logical first step for Roblox as it builds out its platform, but the company plans to reach users wherever they connect and want to play. “I’m playing on the iPad against people on PCs and Macs right now,” Baszucki says as his avatar is wasted by a rocket to its blockish face. “We’ll be looking at Kindle and Androids, too.” Until then, parents who give kids their first iPhone or iPad this holiday season may want to encourage them to think creatively and download the Roblox app alongside their Temple Run.

Massively Logo

Massively writer Karen Bryan also spoke with David, both about the technical challenges of making ROBLOX run well on mobile hardware and our plans for helping ROBLOX game developers better optimize their creations for mobile play.

The mobile app has had a big impact on the game overall. As Baszucki said, you can safely design a user experience for mobile and have it translate to the desktop, but you can’t have it go the other way. Mobile is the new design standard for Roblox, and long term, the devs want to make everything work on all platforms. Even though players can currently create worlds, click a button, and push them to the cloud for all platforms, Roblox’s team hopes to provide the tools to produce a high-quality experience across the board.

Mac|Life LogoMac|Life writer Matt Clark not only wrote up a brief history and overview of ROBLOX as a whole, but gave significant coverage to the ROBLOX Mobile launch. Here’s an excerpt from his article, which even delved into some of the technical feats of our iOS app:

While other iOS and Mac games have attempted to provide a complete, cross-platform format with varying results, ROBLOX will actually allow its massive community the opportunity to play all its games, regardless of device. Of course, the idea of every game’s content working flawlessly with the new touch-screen interface sounds daunting, but Bromley and the rest of the ROBLOX team seem confidant in the company’s “clean and portable” code.

“During the process of developing for iOS we found a much quicker way of rendering everything that we have in our world,” adds Bromley. “Moving to iOS we did some optimizations, so the largest world we have will actually render 10-times faster. So it’s at a point now where the render is actually faster than high-end PCs.”

Here are several other mentions of ROBLOX Mobile in the press:

If you haven’t yet tried ROBLOX Mobile, you can download it on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using these methods: