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Give the Gift of Building with ROBLOX Game Cards

December 19, 2012

by Christina "BrightEyes" Shedletsky

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ROBLOX Cards in a StockingSeeing a couple ROBLOX game cards peeking out the top of your holiday stocking is a great sight. It’s even better when you know the cards will get you a free virtual hat.

This month, we’re running a promotion on ROBLOX game cards from Walmart: redeem two $25 cards by the end of December and you’ll receive the Holiday Fedora. This hat is pretty rare – less than 200 users have received it at the time of this writing – so it could end up being a valuable commodity in the ROBLOX market. If you (or whoever is delivering your holiday gifts) are on the hunt for ROBLOX cards at Walmart, you’ll find them in the electronics section and special holiday displays at the front of each store.

ROBLOX cards are an easy way for users to purchase Builders Club, which allows access to premium building and website features, or Robux, our virtual currency. You can find them in many other stores, including GameStop, Target and CVS. Here’s a full, international breakdown of retailers that sell ROBLOX cards:

United States

Walmart, GameStop, Target, CVS, Toys R Us, FYE, 7-Eleven


Walmart, EB Games,Toys R Us, 7-Eleven, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Best Buy, Future Shop, London Drugs

Holiday Display

United Kingdom

Sainsbury’s, ASDA, GameStop (Ireland Only), Game


EB Games

You can also purchase 12-month Builders Club subscriptions and gift cards for any amount online, and send them with a custom message using our Gift Card page.

How to redeem ROBLOX cards:

After purchasing a ROBLOX card, log into ROBLOX and go to Scratch off the section on the back of the card that hides the secret code needed to activate your card. The code on the back of the card can only be used once so be sure not to purchase a card if the code is already exposed. Enter the code and click redeem. You’re then ready to spend your ROBLOX credits on Robux or Builders Club.