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Be Hack-Proof: Tips to Keep Your Account Secure

November 20, 2012

by reesemcblox


Let’s face it, when you run a website or gaming service that is used by millions of people each day, there are going to be a few bad eggs. It’s an unfortunate truth. Scammers, especially around the holidays, are looking to steal account information through various schemes and tricks. We’re not writing this to scare you; we’re writing this to prepare you. With common sense and some of the suggestions in this article, you can make your ROBLOX account hack-proof.

Never give out your account information

This may sound obvious, but you’d be amazed how many users are tricked into giving up their account details. Often, ROBLOX scammers make false promises to get you to divulge your account details. Here’s a checklist of requests to think twice about.

1. I’ll give you some Robux

2. I’ll help you build something

3. I’ll level up your Group rank

4. Let’s “trade accounts” for a while

5. I can unlock Builders Club for free, I just need your log-in.

ROBLOX offers a ton of services, and often new users go looking for help to understand the process and methods of being a successful ROBLOXian. The joy of having such a robust community is that there are tons of friendly people out there who are willing to show you the ropes. But the ones that ask you for something in return are not to be trusted. Many new users get scammed because they’ve never been targeted before–they don’t know what is considered to be suspicious behavior or what to do when they’ve been scammed.

Basically, have faith in our community. If someone legitimately wants to help you, they don’t need your account details. If you’re new to ROBLOX and have lots of questions, check out our forums, brush up on some blog articles, and interact with users who are willing to help without asking for personal info.


“Phishing” is an attempt to acquire information, such as usernames, passwords, or credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity through e-mail or as a website. Phishing is not a ROBLOX-specific issue, but something that affects major websites including eBay, Amazon, and others.

There are websites that exist outside of ROBLOX that replicate services we offer, such as our surveys, for example. Users that are up to no good copy our surveys and offer them to other users–the only difference being they create the page with a user-name and password “log-in.” Remember, we will never ask you for your log-in info to take a poll. If you’re ever taking a poll and you’re asked for your account info, we’re not the ones asking.

There’s an easy way to know whether the poll you’re taking is legit: check the URL. If you don’t see in the URL, you’re not taking an official ROBLOX poll. There are also legitimate third-party websites that offer incentives for participation and that’s fine. We encourage community interaction. Just keep in mind, you should never have to “log in” to participate in these activities.

Always keep an eye on your address bar when submitting information to the web. Make sure that somewhere within the text field, is there. That way you know you’re safely on our website and not a forged copy.


Don’t ever give your e-mail password away for any reason. A lot of times, users use the same password for their email account as they do for their ROBLOX account, so giving one away is like giving away the keys to the kingdom.

Try to keep your conversations within the confines of ROBLOX. We understand that friendships form, and if you trust a person you’ve been talking with (or developing games with) enough, it’s OK to developing a healthy professional relationship via e-mail. Just make sure to e-mail people you’ve come to trust if you’re going to  correspond outside of ROBLOX. Don’t give your e-mail address to just anyone.

A great way to secure your account information is to verify your e-mail address with ROBLOX. In the rare case that your account is compromised, there’s a link on our site called “Password Recovery”–hitting that link will shoot an e-mail to your primary account that will allow you to regain control of your ROBLOX account.

False Trading

Always use the trading system to exchange items. Users often want to trade items for Robux directly, but there isn’t an official way to do this. To get around this, some users decide to set up private trades, and not just for items. Users are privately trading groups, currency, and even accounts (which is against our terms of service).

This puts users in a very strange position. Who exchanges the goods first? The person with the item? If you were to do that, then the person with the money could easily vanish without paying and take the item (or group, or account) in the process. Don’t put yourself in this position. Always use our trading system for item exchanges. We’re actively working on eliminating reasons why users would feel the need to barter outside of our system–stay tuned for an exciting upcoming announcement that will change the way gear items are exchanged forever.

The Bottom Line (TL;DR)

  • We will never ask you for your password. There is no reason for any user to ask you for your log-in credentials.
  • Official ROBLOX Polls will have in the URL. If your browser does not show that, it’s not one of our polls. You should never have to log-in to take a poll.
  • The only place you should enter your user name and password is at
  • Do not share your e-mail address with any user.

Following these simple rules should keep your account hack-proof. And remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Do you have any methods of hack-proofing your ROBLOX account that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below.