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Group Clothing and Treasury: The Beginning of Groups as Companies

October 16, 2012

by aleverns


Office BuildingsCurrently, Builders Club members are able to create and sell their own clothing, including custom shirts and pants, on ROBLOX. Today, we’re giving groups the ability to do the same. That may sound simple, but with it come the possibilities of shared group money.

Group Clothing

Before we explore the details of group clothing, let’s go over some of the interface changes it entails. Group clothing is available on two pages. First, the Groups page now features a “Store” tab, which shows you the top three most recently updated group items by default.

Groups Overall

You can also search for items created by groups in our Catalog by group name.

To create group clothing, go to your group’s page. Then, in the Controls pane, click the new “Create Items” button. You’ll have the option of creating a new shirt, t-shirt or pair of pants.

Group clothing allows group members to distinguish themselves from other groups–you can design matching uniforms for your group, and even make variations for different ranks. We think it’d be awesome to see two warring groups do battle in their respective uniforms. Anyone can buy group clothing, too, so you can financially support other groups by buying their items.

Group Treasury

The bigger part of this, however, is raising and spending money. You can raise money as a group to purchase ads and ranks. No one user is responsible for forking over cash; it’s a team effort. All raised money goes directly to the group, regardless of which member raised it, and Treasury it can only go toward purchases for the group. You’ll have to learn to balance your budget and pool resources to sustain purchases from within your group.

In terms of spending, the group owner will be able to select which members can make purchases on behalf of the group. In order to do this, go to your group’s page and hit “Group Admin” in the Controls pane. Remember, this will only work if you’re the group owner or have reached the necessary rank.

Group treasuries should lead to some very interesting activity on ROBLOX, while encouraging teamwork and communication. We recognize that being able to buy ads and ranks is only a start, and we’re planning on expanding the types of things groups can purchase in the future. Do you have ideas? Let us know.