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What It’s Like to be Part of the ROBLOX Team

September 19, 2012

by Andrew Haak

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Take a walk through ROBLOX’s headquarters in downtown San Mateo, Calif., and you’ll see collaborative, open workspaces, desks littered with computer hardware and gadgets, multiple kitchens stocked with snacks, and a lot of coffee. In other words, you’ll see the tropes of a modern-day technology startup.

But what you may not see, at a glance, are the intangibles; the unique attitudes and values we hold in the utmost regard.

A couple weeks ago, ROBLOX’s CEO, David Baszucki, gave a brief talk at one of our weekly, all-hands company lunch meetings. He made an inspiring statement that cuts to the chase of what it’s actually like to work at ROBLOX and the company’s core values.

ROBLOX Team ShirtAct like a CEO.

No, that doesn’t mean every ROBLOX employee should try to run the company. It means every employee is in charge of their work. We want everyone who works here to be invested in – even concerned about – their projects and ROBLOX’s future. We want everyone to have a drive to contribute to the greater ROBLOX whole, whether that’s through improving, the ROBLOX game and building experiences, ROBLOX’s brand awareness, our human resources operations or something else. Thinking and acting like a CEO ties right into ROBLOX’s core values.

Self-organize: If you’re a CEO, you have to leverage self-organization to identify problems and come up with solutions. No one is going to breathe down your neck to keep things moving forward.

Self-organization is finding it in yourself to identify problems and find creative, inventive solutions. It’s the most core of our core values, and something we even extend to our community of ROBLOX users – the top ROBLOX game developers use self-organization to get things done, without the pressure of an overlord, and succeed when they work all the way through the project to a good solution.

ROBLOX GDC BoothGet stuff done: As CEO, you need to exercise your smarts to get things done quickly.

At ROBLOX, results don’t just appear out of thin air. Getting stuff done (and ideally quickly) requires that each employee uses their smarts and tenacity. We occasionally toss around a phrase coined by VP of Web Engineering and Operations Keith Lucas: “be compassionately relentless.” This is the idea of never giving up on seeing things through to completion, while supporting your teammates’ needs to do the exact same thing.

You own your projects, so you have the responsibility — and receive the reward — of seeing them through from concept to completion.

Work hard: You don’t become CEO by being lazy.

Hard work is self-explanatory. Staying focused and working hard is part of working at ROBLOX. (That makes the happy hour gatherings, weekly game nights, baseball game outings and other assorted events a whole lot more rewarding.)

Respect the customer: CEOs have to respect the customer; that’s how they retain business and keep their company afloat.

Much of what ROBLOX employees do has a direct impact on millions of users around the world. It almost goes without saying that with each of our actions we should be mindful of the effects on our dedicated and passionate users. We value doing more than just considering our customers; we respond, empathize and do our best to delight them.

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Be inspiring to work with: CEOs need to be able to rally people and be part of the team.

Not everyone is the next Richard Branson or Steve Jobs. Still, being an inspiring, team-playing individual is something we value at ROBLOX. And if you demonstrate leadership and some passion for your craft – among our other core values – we’ll give you a chance to take on additional responsibilities.

Our vision is to become the leader in user-generated gaming for all ages, around the world. It’s going to take the help of smart people who can leverage our core values, so we’re actively hiring throughout the rest of 2012. If your values line up with ours, and digging into cutting-edge technology to create something great and unique appeals to you, check out our Jobs section. We’d love to hear from you.

Your ideas will be valued, your projects will be interesting and you’ll own your work, from conception to completion. Help us usher the era of user-generated gaming.