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ROBLOX Game Trailer Contest: The Winners

September 14, 2012

by John Shedletsky

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The results are in!

Hundreds of ROBLOX users shot, edited and submitted video trailers for their games after we announced our video trailer contest a couple weeks ago. We rounded up the entries and narrowed it down to the 24 best video trailers, then left it up to our users to choose the top five. Each of the five winners banks 20,000 Robux. Plus, everyone who participated receives this Director’s hat to represent their artistic vision and style wherever they go in ROBLOX.

3,000 ROBLOX users voted and the results we’re so close that the top two submissions were separated by a fraction of a point. Here are your choices:

Your winner: Catalog Heaven (by Seranok)

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”bb6N2L1zXwI”/]


Second: Apocalypse Rising (by Gusmanak)

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”V2Da_NSnuxo”/]


Third: The Mind (by Ravenshield)

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”Bn5SZLXbaws”/]


Fourth: Zombies Are Attacking McDonalds 2 (by Bobbysayhi)

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”DncyrhTNVVk”/]


Fifth: Marble Ride Storm (by Simoon68)

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”XylzIyXYHuM”/]


Congratulations to the all the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated. Regardless of whether you won, you’ve now got a great tool for engaging users and bringing more players into your game.