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Help ROBLOX Developers Fine-tune the ROBLOX Player

July 31, 2012

by Dylan Bromley

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In the time since its launch, ROBLOX has gone from being compatible with Internet Explorer to five major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. As part of our ongoing effort to streamline ROBLOX, we recently removed a legacy of single-browser support: the embedded browser in the ROBLOX Player.

This browser occasionally caused problems for users with a default browser other than Internet Explorer and slight confusion as to whether you should browse games in the Player or on Now, there is a clear distinction between browsing, which takes place in your preferred web browser, and game play, which happens in the ROBLOX Player. We believe a faster, leaner application will benefit ROBLOX users more in the long run than the Player’s web browser.

ROBLOX Player IconWe are looking to fine-tune the ROBLOX Player and game-browsing experience, and would like feedback from users. We’re particularly interested in hearing about what seem to be isolated difficulties browsing ROBLOX games using a modern browser, such as Chrome, on a computer that is three or more years old.

We invite you to let us know what you’ve experienced on the ROBLOX Forums. We have set up a topic devoted to this change; if you have feedback or a problem to report, please let us know as specifically as possible what it is and, if possible, how we can reproduce it. You can also send your feedback by email to [email protected].