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The Water Is Running in ROBLOX

June 5, 2012

by Andrew Haak


Pirate ShipWater has arrived in ROBLOX. What many see as an essential, but essentially mundane part of life, we see as a game-changer.

That’s because it’s more than just a texture. ROBLOX’s water comes with comprehensive physics simulation, meaning your ROBLOX character and the physical objects in your ROBLOX world behave as realistically in water as they do on land. You can wade on the surface and dive to the depths, create boats and motorized propellers, design rivers and falls with flowing rapids, and more. We’ve opened the floodgates to new genres of games and given game designers a new dynamic that begs experimentation.


Getting started with water in ROBLOX

You can start creating your own water-based games and places today using ROBLOX Studio. If you need to spark your creativity, you can download one of our starter places, which we created so you can quickly fill either a lake or river with water and float in a raft. You can also read up on our implementation of water and buoyancy simulation from a technical standpoint in this blog post.

Quick tips

Some materials float, others don’t: The physical material you assign to a part determines whether it’ll float in water. Something made of wood will have more buoyancy, whereas something made of stone will sink.

Making a boat: Making a boat that floats in ROBLOX requires that you follow the same principles you would use to construct a boat in real life. Hint: following Archimedes’ Principle should help you create a successful boat.

Lakes are easy: It’s easy to create a lake using the Material Painter tool. Simply generate some flat terrain and drag the material painter over the area you want to convert to a lake, as seen in the above video.

We can’t wait to see what the ROBLOX community creates. In the meantime, what kinds of new water-based games are you most interested in creating and playing?