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Sneak Peek: Trading System

May 18, 2012

by Isaiah Merill


Trade System ScreenshotThe time is nigh! One of the most anticipated ROBLOX features is nearing completion. Beta testing of the trading system will begin within the next few weeks. As many of our more economically inclined users know, it can be difficult to exchange items with one another when all of an account’s equity is locked away in assets. This is especially true for rare and high value items. The Trading System will allow Builders Club members to exchange limited items with one another without needing to have cash on hand.

How Will It Work?

1. Go to the profile of a user with whom you wish to trade. There will be a “Trade” button on their inventory.

2. Clicking this button will open a window, showing each user’s tradable items.

Tradable Items3. Each of the displayed items will have an “Add to Trade” action available.

4. Once you’ve built the trade to your liking, you can submit it.

Trade Sent5. Submitting a new trade will notify the user via private message.

6. Outstanding and completed trade offers will also be listed in a new tab on the My Money page.

My Money7. Viewing an outstanding offer opens a modal allowing the user to “Accept”, “Decline” and “Counter Offer” the trade.

Trade Request

Trade System FAQ

Note: These rules will likely evolve as we learn how the system is used.

Q: Who will be able to make trades?

A: The trading system is a premium feature for paying members. You will need a current Builders Club membership in order to execute trades.

Q: Will users be able to exchange non-limited items?

A: No. Only trade of limited items will be allowed. We want to preserve the option to offer items in the future that you can only get by earning them, rather than through trade.

Q: What about off-sale non-limited items?

A: Concurrent with the release of the Trade System, we plan to go through a backlog of off-sale catalog items and make them limited.

Q: Will the Trade System be real-time or request based?

A: The initial release of the Trade System will be request based, however the system architecture is designed to support real-time trading. Real-time trading is a feature we may introduce later depending on demand.

Q: Do Trade Requests expire?

A: Yes. Trade offers that you create will have an expiration period. If they expire before the other party accepts, they will no longer be valid.

Q: Is there a fee for making a trade?

A: There is no fee to make a trade.

Q: Can I make more than one trade at a time?

A: Yes. You can have multiple outstanding trades.

Q: …With the same items?

A: Yes. You can have the same item in multiple outstanding trades. Only one of those trades will be able to complete successfully.