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Join ROBLOX for a Network Performance Playtest Today at 4:30 PST

May 25, 2012

by John Shedletsky

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We at ROBLOX ultimately want all of our users to be able to create anything they imagine: everything from fast, competitive games to massive, detailed structures, and have them all run silky-smooth. As part of this grand vision, the ROBLOX Content Team recreated a classic level, Longest Yard (DM17), from a classic game, Quake 3. It’s a one-to-one copy, built in the ROBLOX engine. We’re going to use it to compare ROBLOX’s in-game performance with that of the tested-and-true Quake Live. If you aren’t familiar with Quake, it’s a first-person shooter series characterized by its fast pace, capacity for acrobatic maneuvers, and best-in-class networked performance.

ROBLOX (Left) Vs Quake (Right) Comparison Screenshots

We’re confident today that the prototype is ready for public testing. The movement speeds are about right, the jump pads feel good and we think it’s a worthy, entertaining way to measure our engine performance. Join many ROBLOX staff members today at 4:30 PM PST for a public playtest. Afterward, head over to the Suggestions & Ideas forum to tell us how it went. To make it easier to find playtest-related posts in this forum, please put the tag [DM17] in your post title.

We’ll see you in the arena.

DM17 in ROBLOX Screenshot