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Simplifying ROBLOX

March 6, 2012

by Roblox


Two years ago, ROBLOX started the Ambassador Program, which was designed to encourage players to spread the word about ROBLOX.  In the program, users would take HTML code (specific to that player), and then post those links on other active websites.  Users were rewarded with 2 tix per day per active link.  We believed we could get users involved with promoting our game.

After two years of experimenting, we have realized that the program is not as valuable as players who come to us through word of mouth or through social media. The Ambassador Program became spammy, which we realized was not a benefit to our players or other websites. We have looked at the numbers, and we simply don’t have enough users to justify continuing the program. Part of being a healthy company and an elegant service is removing things rather than adding them.

ROBLOX’s core values focus on the creativity of players and the building of games. So we have decided to shut the program down.

ROBLOX itself has not changed a bit.  Users continue to create more games (5.4 million in 2011), and we have a pile of exciting developments in the pipeline (many of which we will demo at the ROBLOX Game Conference in July).