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Revamping ROBLOX Icons

March 31, 2012

by Taylor Whitmer

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We have been exploring various styles for ROBLOX document icons.  All of the mockups are conceptual, and we would like your feedback.  When giving feedback, please refer to the row and column, as in “The icon in the first row, third column is my favorite”.

The top row displays icons for model files, and the bottom row are icons for level files.  The icons are designed to be informative at a glance.

Above are mockups for new ROBLOX Studio and Player icons.  The 2D versions emphasize usability, and scale the best across a broad range of sizes, from 16×16 pixels all the way to 512×512.  The 3D versions of the icons incorporate a lot more detail and use real ROBLOX models.

All of the icons are mockups.  We have no set plan to use any of these; we have created them to get player feedback.  We look forward to hearing suggestions from our users.