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ROBLOX Studio for MAC–The BETA is Live!

January 6, 2012

by John Shedletsky

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We’re almost finished porting ROBLOX Studio to the Mac! ROBLOX has had Mac player support now for several months, but up until now, Mac users haven’t been able to leverage ROBLOX Studio, our professional place and model building tool, to create high quality ROBLOX games. This is about to change…

Right now.

Here’s the scoop: our port is 99.99% done. Players have been testing it on for the past two weeks and we think it’s solid. All the major functionality is present (including some new features that don’t even exist in ROBLOX Studio for Windows yet!) The official release of ROBLOX Studio for Mac is probably still a week or two away, but we’re releasing an early public BETA version today. You can download it right here.

Help Us Improve Mac Studio

If you find a bug, or something that you don’t think is working correctly in the new Mac Studio, please post about it in the Mac Test forum. ROBLOX engineers will be monitoring this forum closely over the next several weeks.

– Telamon