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Big Bang!

January 3, 2012

by Sorcus

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2011 is over, but our end of the year sale on awesome gear isn’t!



Remote Controlled Plane – Check out the techiest toy in town, the Remote Controlled Plane. Launch the plane and brag to your friends how you control it like a boss.    



Spectral Sword

Spectral Sword Of IllusionsSaid to originate from the underworld, the Spectral Sword is incarnation of darkness itself. Watch as it cuts through your opponents and return when you throw it at your enemies. But when you unleash the other worldly abilities of the sword, you will find that your opponents are seeing multiples of you, literally. This sword is only available until the end of this month, so be sure to grab it as soon as you can!     


Venomshank – Forged by the Master of Chaos himself, this legendary blade is covered with the most powerful poison known to man. Swipe at your enemies and watch the venom weaken and destroy them.

Discuss them and all the other awesome items from 2011 in the forums. And be ready for even more epic stuff on Friday!