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A new beginning

January 9, 2012

by Sorcus


In the not too distant future, a war is looming over ROBLOXia. The arrival of the Ne’Kotikoz has brought trouble to the land. Both sides are racing to create the best weapons for their soldiers. Lets see what they have achieved so far!


Eye Laservision Shades G3 Using the power of sun rays the ROBLOXian scientists have created these glasses that allow the wearer to conjure a ball of laser energy that strikes its opponents with extreme accuracy, scorching planes in the process.

Gun Zephanon Phaser and Shield The sturdiest of the shields and the most powerful Phaser were combined to create the Zephanon Phaser and Shield. Light weight but extremely effective when combating opponents out of formation, this will serve the ROBLOXian soldiers well.


Alien Dark Alien Hatchling This organic weapon created by unknown alien technology allows the Ne’kotikoz to spread their evil hatchlings around. They hatch and latch on to the form of life closest to them. Once hatched, the alien proceeds to positively wreck anything and everything in its way.


Gun Azure Periastron Alpha Rumors suggest that ROBLOXia acquired pieces of some of the rarest elements in the Universe during a meteoroid storm. The explorers have unearthed some glowing elements never seen before that might be what the Ne’kotikoz are after. Infusing these elements into weaponry has created a new breed of Swords that cut through armor as if it wasn’t there. Enter the Azure Periastron Alpha, the first of its kind that is in the hands of the ROBLOXian war council. Time to cut!

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