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ROBLOX Winter Banner Art Auction

December 15, 2011

by Becky "reesemcblox" Herndon

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Framed banner print is over 3 feet wide!

The Maker Faire is the premier event for grassroots innovation, showcasing invention, creativity and resourcefulness. Makers are, in essence, like ROBLOX Builders.

To support the Maker Faire we’re auctioning a production proof of our 2010 Winter Banner. The banner was created by our Art Director, Jahrblox (who also happens to be a Maker Faire enthusiast!). 

Here’s what Jahrblox says about this print…

Jahrblox working“The theme is a combination of game screenshots, photos, and Photoshop effects. I dressed up the characters with catalog gear and clothes, then went in game and posed them in front of a green screen using a tool by jeditkacheff, took a screenshot, and removed the background color in Photoshop. I painted the snow on top of the logo and the snowy hills, and then pasted in photos of trees. The blue rays are from a photo of the northern lights.”

The banner at auction was featured on ROBLOX in December 2010. The production proof is printed on glossy paper, signed by the artist – Jahrblox – and framed in a custom laminated 9” x 39” black wooden frame.


The 5-day auction is live here on eBay, with rush shipping available. 100% of the final value will be donated to Young Makers Program, the Maker Faire’s endeavor for youth involvement. Your family can support the Young Makers Program by bidding on this framed print  by Jahrblox. We think it will make a great gift, and it’s a great way to support innovation.

Warm holiday wishes,