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Meet an Interesting ROBLOXian: Arbirator

December 11, 2011

by reesemcblox


arbiratorMeet Arbirator, creator and Editor-in-Chief of one of ROBLOX’s most popular player news sites. We caught up with him for an interview about his ROBLOX game playing experiences.

What do you want your fellow ROBLOXians to know about you?

I run a ROBLOX blog called ‘Arbirator’s ROBLOX News‘ that has 160,000 views so far this year and a staff of 14 volunteers. It is a blog that informs ROBLOX players of the latest news on the game, whether it is updates, new site features, event news or interviews, there’s always something new! We interview ROBLOX users and also review popular places. Roblox News also occasionally runs contests for it’s followers and consequently some cool retextures have been published to the catalog by Telamon and Brighteyes!

Why do you play ROBLOX?

I play ROBLOX because it a huge online world in which I can do anything. I enjoy playing games and meeting new players. ROBLOX gives me the opportunity to use my imagination; it is somewhere where I can explore my creativity in several areas such as game building and working with mesh textures. I play it because I can talk with friends and interact with them in-game, I can build whatever I can imagine (although my scripting needs a bit of work), I can purchase items from the catalog, and I can debate new topics in the varied ROBLOX forums. It’s unique, addicting and promotes user freedom.

Tell us something cool that happened to you recently on ROBLOX.

Well, my hat retexture Soviet Ushanka was published to the ROBLOX catalog, but the most recent cool thing that happened to me was buying and selling the Purple Sparkle Time Fedora; this made me a lot of profit and the most ROBUX I have ever had!

What is your favorite thing on ROBLOX?

I would say my favourite thing to do is to participate in the ROBLOX events which occur at several intervals during the year. My top favourite is definitely Christmas because I love earning gifts for specific achievements within the game. I enjoy building games but am often too busy to create them, so I usually go on the forum ROBLOX Talk and occasionally interview users.

Where do you like to go for vacations?

I like going to Cornwall in the south west of England for my summer holidays. In the winter holidays however, I usually pay a visit to either Switzerland, Austria or Germany to ski in the beautiful mountains.


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