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Winners of the Epic Builder Present

December 14, 2011

by BrightEyes


Congratulations are in order for the winners of this year’s rarest gift! The Epic Builder Present has been awarded to the users with the 100 most visited places in the past week.

The winners:

ROBLOX’s Welcome to ROBLOX Building (272899 visits)

1dev2’s Welcome to the Town of Robloxi (225899 visits)

stickmasterluke’s Natural Disaster Survival (192559 visits)

stickmasterluke’s Laser Tag ~ Update (188972 visits)

alex9878’s Survive a night in Bikini Bott (161577 visits)

litozinnamon’s Call of Robloxia 5 – Roblox at (157783 visits)

steffanno’s ~Fixing~ (147735 visits)

IPlayFootball’s Survive 114 Disasters *NEW* VI (135202 visits)

coffeebones’s The Black Pearl vs the Flying (130168 visits)

tadcool’s New Blimp Wars (129428 visits)

ihuntkers’s Call of Robloxia 5 – Roblox At (117819 visits)

StevoDivo’s Wheres Perry? FIND HIM FOR VIP (116634 visits)

spyro372’s Northtown Community A.K.A.. Th (109434 visits)

TheGamer101’s Sword Fighting Tournament (105332 visits)

qazwsx1078’s Jump off the Skyscraper for Po (103077 visits)

RUBZTER300’s A Dinosaur’s Life(BETA) (101178 visits)

DrRobloxian’s RollerCoaster Tycoon! Make one (95122 visits)

Pieperson50’s Escape Jail And Rob The Bank! (89720 visits)

curty162’s epic car obby (vip fixed) Upda (78442 visits)

nfsboy’s DriveBlox Unlimited BETA (77850 visits)

djbrian2’s contamination 2 (bug fixes) (73361 visits)

Rho272’s Dome (MW3) !Fixed Rockets! (72484 visits)

coolwhip900’s ?New!? Survive The 687 Disaste (71530 visits)

Carbon131’s Jet Wars: Advanced Battle (71338 visits)

RangeMeludE’s The Lords of Range’s Cape (RPG (70384 visits)

adrian928’s Hospital Night Mare Before Chr (65975 visits)

Ryan7965’s Hogwarts School (Updates Soon) (65356 visits)

spikey490’s Lava Surfing to be V.I.P (65142 visits)

REDALERT2’s Sandbox (NBC) (64270 visits)

qwerty1806’s Contamination [COMPLETE] (63822 visits)

logitech102’s Call of Robloxia – Black Ops (62117 visits)

daxter33’s Paintball! (61856 visits)

jjsword’s Roblox Jr High School. Merry C (61389 visits)

Spookyfox’s Airport Tycoon [V4.2!] *HUGE U (60558 visits)

louis1199’s Build and Race. Read des. (60467 visits)

monkrymonkry’s [149]The Longest Ultra Fun Obb (56485 visits)

hoshpup’s Plants vs Zombies Cart Ride Sm (55807 visits)

Rocketcar200’s Waste Of Time; V 3.0 (55183 visits)

dwiessner3221’s Ride a Cart Through a Pipe! (54237 visits)

KoolaidIsGood’s The Longest Super Fun Obby! [3 (53587 visits)

supercolin’s Dig A House As A Pet! (53061 visits)

0supadude0’s War Tycoon – Free VIP! (52756 visits)

Robu1’s Dig to survive the zombies (B (51904 visits)

lando64000’s Hide and Seek (30 Fields) VIP (51460 visits)

Coltonator505’s Rescue Or Be Rescued! (ALLOWIN (50890 visits)

adrian928’s Plants Vs Zombies [FREE VIP/AD (50593 visits)

Devin5134’s Noob Tycoon~VIP~UPDATES~FIXED (50379 visits)

peaspod’s The Flying Trains (50008 visits)

peaspod’s Boat Wars (BIG WEAPONS!!) (49368 visits)

jtownboy21’s THE NAME-THAT GAME!!! -I’m pla (49297 visits)

BullM0ose’s Cart ride to Santa’s house NEW (48008 visits)

grahamcracker6’s Become Tall -Obby- (Really Gro (47423 visits)

Her0z’s SUCKED IN!!! (47291 visits)

RakShotAOE’s [Dec. Update] Blackhawk Rescue (45909 visits)

StevoDivo’s The New Complex Roleplay V.5 ( (45399 visits)

hke12’s Two Player War Tycoon (Removed (45169 visits)

MarcsMinion’s Mw3- 3 New Maps!- New Guns (44759 visits)

AUDI80’s WipeOut Obby I V1.4.1 MEGA UPD (44121 visits)

jatl8’s Robloxian Wars: USA vs. German (43840 visits)

mastrj’s DragonBall Online Adventures (43403 visits)

Jumprocks’s Assault of Guns V1.33 First pe (42918 visits)

redpenchill’s Zombie Attack @ Night (FIXING) (42751 visits)

MP187211’s R . U . N . (41549 visits)

2domdom22’s Be on tv or watch (41496 visits)

TheFurryFox’s Survive The 91 Disasters! Cere (40205 visits)

Playrobot’s Robloxaville (40165 visits)

batistapowerbombtla’s Build To Survive The Creepers( (39149 visits)

stickmasterluke’s The Underground War ~ ([REVAMP (39075 visits)

DANGERTIM112’s Build to Survive the Zombie’s( (38433 visits)

TheAmazeman’s ROBLOX Titanic (GUI Lobby & Fo (38301 visits)

cosmonova1’s PokeBlox – [Please Favorite] (38075 visits)

BMJ44’s Nintendo Minigames (38032 visits)

DrewsomeB’s Heli-Wars: Desert Attack (35751 visits)

Kingdom12345’s War Tycoon V.4 80k! (35687 visits)

skatertater’s ROBLOXian Pool (34965 visits)

brayden99’s WWII~Battle For Carentan! (34450 visits)

grahamcracker6’s Who Stole Your Presents? -Obby (34357 visits)

SargeantSnipe’s >>>TRAP CHAMBER 2.0!!!!<<< {Fa (34129 visits)

Lorenzo391’s Shark Attack 2 FREE VIP! Its b (33596 visits)

ajhockeyfan’s THE GAME OF LIFE *NEW!* (33149 visits)

TwoShue’s Freeze Tag =Original= (32929 visits)

HiperPower’s Survive The Epic 2011 Disaster (32764 visits)

citykid9303911’s Armored Ship Battle IV v1.8 (32286 visits)

CanIBeYourFriend12’s ~Zoo Tycoon 3~ (31280 visits)

BL00XER’s Fall Down Stairs! *CHRISTMAS V (31209 visits)

HatHelper’s The Conquerors v6.9 [ New Map/ (30754 visits)

Fangrider’s Lost Soul RPG (30187 visits)

Boopbot’s Kingdom Life™ II (30018 visits)

Usability’s ??::[Grow A Brick [BC In Desc! (29367 visits)

supercheese200’s Magic Lessons *HALF A MILLION! (29339 visits)

Bew7874’s 1. Bew7874’s Zombie Defence 30 (28849 visits)

JUANSE’s Juanse’s tycoon new wepons in (28815 visits)

TwoShue’s Hide n’ Seek XL-Living Spaces (28806 visits)

Dued1’s Work At a Pizza Place (28501 visits)

IronInforcer’s The Iron Cafe! BACK YAY! (27908 visits)

Wingman8’s Armored Patrol v6.5 (27588 visits)

Garnold’s Survival: Apocalypse (Done) (27405 visits)

alienmajor2’s Survive 90 DISASTERS! (26489 visits)

timekid’s Floater island * (26175 visits)

– Brighteyes