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Random fun!

November 12, 2011

by Sorcus

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Want to have some random fun? Check these gear out! From shooting deadly shurikens at your enemies to spraying spam messages at them, these ones have got it all.




Moon Shuriken The crescent moon clan is silent, most of the time. But when an enemy approaches, they let out an hair rising shriek and use these Shurikens to bring them down. It is said the power of the moon replicates these shurikens and pierces any enemy in its way.






Mega Annoying Megaphone Surrounded by noobs following you and annoying you? Or just feeling like a boss? Its time for you to get your hands on the Mega Annoying Megaphone!. Set it on a clueless noob and watch the megaphone rotating around them while playing some sweet irritating noise!






Dance GrenadeUse these powerful dance-o-magic induced dance grenades at a party to rock ‘N roll. Nobody can control the epic powar of teh dance. Or throw them at your enemies and watch them dance uncontrollably!





Spam Cannon First of all cannons are awesome, regardless of what they do. But we internet dwellers know that spam and trolling is where its at. But combine the two and you get the Spam Cannon(without the trolling, of course)! Shoot spam messages at your enemies and annoy them with your own custom thumb-nailed spam and watch them rage! Trust me, its fun.




Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus