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ROBLOX Black Friday 2011 Sale – The Results are in!

November 21, 2011

by BrightEyes


We’re excited to present a gigantic sale for Black Friday. We’ll be selling the items you picked in our survey in addition to a bunch of new (and some old) things.

First off – the items you guys picked to go on sale-

Clockwork’s Headphones will go limited on November 25th – never to be sold again! Clockwork’s Shades will be back on sale at their original price (and Clockwork’s User number) 19358. They will only be on sale for this weekend – so get them while they last! Mr. Tentacles will be on sale for 40% off. That makes the cost R$ 5454 (that’s below 9000!). Finally, you guys decided that we should make and sell the Crimsonwrath! This hat will be limited edition with only 1000 sold at R$ 1000 each.

But that’s not all! We’ve also got some awesome gear on sale that will be 50% off for this weekend only. Quest for Glory 2- a brand new ROBLOX 2D game will cost R$ 350 (regularly 700) and feature three boss fights! We’re also selling a brand new potion – one drink of the Kami potion will make you fly and shoot laser from your eyes! It’s available for a steal this weekend – only R$ 500 – will retail for R$ 1000 after the holiday weekend.

We’ll be putting the following items on sale at a 25% discount – Bohemian Headband, Vlhurg InvaDer, Seeing Red Shutter Shades, Captain Spack Jarrow, and Gilded Assassin. And of course we’ve got a special sale for our loyal Builder’s Club Members – Taurian Warrior will be available for R$ 15 and Air Force Helmet will be available for just R$ 50! In addition to these – we’ll be selling all kinds of limited things this weekend – including new faces, retextured hats, and some special new ones. Prices will range from R$10 to R$5000 and new things will be going on sale all weekend long – be sure to check back regularly.