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Boney Blast

October 8, 2011

by Sorcus

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With Halloween fast approaching, we have some very special gear waiting for you to show off the undead awesomeness. This week, we bring you a blast of boney gear that is sure to knock the wind out of you!




Skeleboard Hand made from some very strong bones, the Skeleboard is lighter and faster than other transports. Hear the bones creak as you speed along even the most rough parts of Robloxia with ease.






Skelefriend Using powerful necromancy, the Skelefriend helps you in your combat, by spinning around you, protecting you and doing damage to any enemies that come near. With every opponent he rebounds, he heals you, making you stronger.






Fiery Bone Trap Imbued with ancient magic to spread wild fire, spread these traps around the world, to trap your unwary opponents in a cage of wild fire!






Bone Crusher – Mace and Shield Each set encrusted with the bones of great fallen warriors, this mace and shield, has been crafted to break some joints! Watch as you get stronger, move faster, and strike harder than ever. Unleash the hidden tornado combo to decimate your opponents!




Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus