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Prepare for war!

September 17, 2011

by Sorcus


With the arrival of the Ne’Kotikoz, panic has spread across all of Robloxia. With war imminent, the Robloxian soldiers are preparing for the battle with the Ne’Kotikoz. Lets take a sneak peek at what the best minds of Robloxia have created!




ROBLOXIAN Healing Orb Vitality is key in any battle. More so, when fighting against the monstrous Ne’Kotikoz. So, to keep the Robloxian soldiers up and active, this orb was created. Use it to infuse your body with massive speed boost and heal any wounds. Also can spread the healing orbs across the world, which will heal when you get near them!






Chameleon Potion Infiltration is of prime importance during war. Gaining intelligence has and will always be of top priority. This chameleon potion invented for this sake, allows the user to morph into anything they touch!






Shoulder Cannon This powerful shoulder cannon makes the Robloxian soldiers into moving turrets. Increasing their stability and vitality, this doubles the health of the average soldier and blasts anyone targeted at blistering speeds






Orb Crystal Launcher This is perhaps the most alien of the weapons that the scientists have developed. Using some key information and key components from fallen Ne’Kotikozians, this launcher shoots sharp crystals at anyone targeted. Hold onto it a little longer to charge it up and it decimates anything and everything in its way!




Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus