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From space they come

September 12, 2011

by Sorcus

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With their own lands destroyed through corrupted technology the Ne’Kotikoz have landed on Robloxia to claim it as their own. With their advanced technology and their tremendous stamina they have quickly established a stronghold in Robloxia. Let’s check out some of their unique weapons!




Ne’Kotikoz Phaser The Ne’Kotikoz phaser is the latest in the series of rayguns that their scientists have made. Its ability to blast enemies at blistering speeds makes it a tremendous weapon, both at close and long ranges.






Ne’Kotikoz Incarnate These mechanical dolls are handed down to every Ne’Kotikozian upon birth, said to contain a piece of the protective spirit of the Ancient Emperor Ne’Kotikoz himself.






Staff of Shifting Polarity Through their journey’s across the galaxies, the Ne’Kotikozians have harnessed the polarities of various planets with this staff. With its ability to swing swiftly and hit heavily, the staff also reverses the polarity of everything that is near, only ignoring the wielder.






The Tormentor’s Axe The Tormentors serve as the elite guards of the Ne’Kotikoz empire. Their speed and strength is amplified to phenomenal levels by this alien technology. When seriously challenged, the Tormentors use this ungodly weapon that shreds through its opponents and allows them to fly!




Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus