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Unstoppable Might of the Horde

August 22, 2011

by Sorcus


Using the Ninja warriors to distract the Knights, the Korbloxians have gained the upper hand in battle. With their sudden moves and secret strategies, the Korbloxians have struck into the heart one of the mightiest powers of Robloxia. Rumors are that the Korbloxians are bringing some special weapons to end this battle with the wizards. Lets examine them, one at a time!



Korblox WarTrap

Korblox Battlefield Trap The Korbloxian Battlefield Trap is held by every Korbloxian, as it helps them greatly during ground battles. Korbloxians lay numerous traps on their frontlines to make sure none escape without damage.





Evil Eye

Korblox Evil Eye This powerful artifact is available to none but the elite Korbloxians and allows them to plant eyes at various locations in the world that they can tap into later. Not only do they provide valuable information through vision, but also come with the added bonus of blowing up the object it is tied to!






DeathSpeaker’s Spellbook It is said that the first DeathSpeakers were wizards that had been corrupted by the power of magic. Their spells, involved manipulating their surroundings to reek of destruction and to stop enemies in their tracks. Three of those deadly spells can be learned from this book.






Korblox Krossbow Quicky and deadly, this trusty crossbow made from the woods of wasteland, are held by only a few of the elite Korbloxians. With its ability to shoot at high speeds and every so often, unleash a barrage of unholy fireballs at its wielder’s command, this Krossbow will turn the tide further.





Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus