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Introducing MEGA Places

August 11, 2011

by John Shedletsky


First announced at the ROBLOX RALLY, MEGA places have gone live on!image

What is a MEGA Place?

MEGA places support a lot more simultaneous players than classical ROBLOX places do. They are still highly experimental. We have done tests of MEGA places with up to 100 players, but for this first release MEGA places will support 30 players.


MEGA Place Facts

  • MEGA places currently support 30 players per instance.
  • This number will increase over time.
  • MEGA places get roughly 2-3x the compute power per game – so they can handle more moving parts, scripts, and players without lagging.
  • All players can play MEGA places
  • Creating a MEGA place is a BC Beta feature – something we are testing at the moment with our Builders Club members. This is largely because the beefier computers we use to host MEGA places have higher cost for ROBLOX Corp.


How to Make a Mega Place

It is now possible to control the number of players that your place supports from the Place Configuration page. Classic places can have between 6-20 players each. MEGA places get what ever the current MEGA place player limit is (always at least 30, but in the future it could be 50 or 100).


The Future

The ROBLOX Team, especially RoboYZ, is continuing to optimize both our server and client code to support more players in MEGA places. Here’s a sneak peek at what is coming…

Go try a MEGA place right now!

– Telamon